Monday, June 10, 2019

Filmi Girl's Idol Cast Episode 14

Filmi girl talks to @pengpeach in a take no prisoners conversation about loving K-Pop while hating the industry; why you should listen to Yoongi and put down your dang phones at concerts; and BTS stopped doing solo work in Korea...

You should also listen to the excellent episode of BEYOND K-POP!!

The songs played are:

1. "Sweet Crazy Love" by Odd Eye Circle (Loona)

2. "Satoori Rap" by BTS

3. "Otsukare" by "Sope" aka J-Hope and Suga

4. "Dream Glow" (3J edit)

5. "Daeng" by RM, J-Hope, and Suga

6. "I Can Make You Feel Good" by Shalamar

7. "You & I" by SHINee

8. "Fxxk it" by Big Bang

9. "Go Min Bada Go" by BTS

10. "Lodi Dodi" by Snoop Dogg

11. "Hello Hello" by SHINee

12. "Home" by BTS

13. "Cotton Candy" by Daesung

14. "Outro: Do You Think That Makes Sense" by BTS

And for the example clip of Yoongi's dead eye English interview please enjoy:

And for reference because I know this will be controversial here is the Japanese Oricon interview:

The line Yoongi says is:


Which was in response to a question about what he notices first about a woman.

The first two sentences are simple:

For me it's personality and atmosphere. I don't have an ideal type.

But then we get one of those famous Japanese dropped subjects:

Not limited to the opposite sex, giving an impression of or bringing about a companionable atmosphere, it's important I'm on the same wavelength as that person.

The translation that has become canon interprets this as Yoongi saying "not limited to the opposite sex in regards to dating" with the "dating" part the implied dropped subject. But as a long time reader of these types of fluffy cross-talks in Japanese, how it reads to me is he's saying the type of person he's drawn to in general is more about being on the same wavelength. I'm pretty sure the literal phrase "not limited to the opposite sex" in this case meant "not just in dating" because in this world the only option is "men date women". I know (believe me I know) that human sexuality is a lot more complicated but we're talking about the limited scope of a Japanese entertainment magazine puff piece.

But even if you don't want to take my word for it, please remember this would have been a heavily edited talk translated from Korean to Japanese by a translator. We don't know exactly what Yoongi actually said and my point still stands that deciding somebody's sexuality based on the specific word choice of translation of a translation in a fluffy magazine puff piece especially when we know Yoongi tends to halfass these, is something we should be very cautious about doing.

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