Friday, March 15, 2019

Filmi Girl's Idol Cast Episode 11

In this "bonus" between-seasons episode I talk about reading, writing, and ethically consuming Asian idol fan fiction!! A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALI FOR BEING MY VERY FIRST GUEST!!

I hope to host more of these types of conversations so please let me know if you enjoyed it and if there are any topics you are interested in hearing about!!

The songs played are:

1. "Save Me" by BTS

2. "Warrior's Descendant" by H.O.T.

3. "Bokura kotae ~Here we go~" by A.B.C-Z (Theme to Magical★Boy Cherry’s) and my review of Magical★Boy Cherry’s

4. "Crown" by TXT

5. "Begin" by Jungkook (Link is to the short film tied to the BTS "official" Most Beautiful Moment in Life fan fiction universe.)

6. "Trauma" by Seventeen (Hip Hop Team)

7. "Dear Woman" by SMAP

8. "Sea" by BTS (Hidden track on Love Yourself 承 HER)

And here is the wonderful Yoongi fancam for "Save Me":

The trailer for Arashi's own "fanfic" film, PIKANCHI:

And on a more serious note, here's an article on Korea's TAKE OFF THE CORSET movement and the story about the corrective rape of a lesbian woman.

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