Friday, November 30, 2018

Filmi Girl's Idol Cast Episode 6

This week I deep dive into 2007-2009 in Korean boy group world. It is a WILD ride so buckle up and get ready to listen!

Next week I'll pop back over to Japan but I had to take some time with these years for reasons you'll understand...

The songs played are: 1. "La La La" by BIGBANG (Live performance from opening linked)

2. "1TYM" by 1TYM

3. "Crazy" by Se7en

4. "Lies" by BIGBANG

5. "Don't Don" by Super Junior

6. "Sorry Sorry" by Super Junior

7. "Purple Line" by DBSK

8. "Mirotic" by DBSK

9. "Gara Gara Go" by BIGBANG

10. "Destiny of Love" by Shinhwa

The links should take you to the PVs where appropriate. You should DEFINITELY watch them.

For a look at proto-YG idol group 1TYM in action:

And here is Koda Kumi with DBSK:

For whatever reason the Koda Kumi style of diva is now out of style in Japan but the mid-2000s was the heyday of American-style "sexy" singers.

And here is the Chinese-localized Super Junior M with "Super Girl":

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Ami said...

K-pop isn't a special interest of mine, so I did wonder if this episode would be as engaging for me as previous ones. I really needn't have wondered: The way to collate and disseminate the information is informative and highly consumable. Your knowledge as a fan helps to inform and colour the perspective with which you teach (and yeah, it's definitely teaching because I learned so much) conveying difficult subjects with sensitivity and grace.

I enjoyed the music you included, and I found myself rooting for groups to succeed, as if I was watching this events play out in real-time, because you are such a wonderful story-teller. Thank you so much for putting this series together. I am having a wonderful time listening.

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