Friday, November 2, 2018

Filmi Girl's Idol Cast Episode 3

This week I tackle the 1980s with all the glitter, plaid, and disco synthesizers that come with it!

List of songs played:

1. "High Teen Boogie" by Kondo Masahiko

2. "Harajuku Kiss" by Tahara Toshihiko

3. "High School Lullaby" by the Imokin Trio

4. "Namida no Request" by Checkers

5. "Diamond Eyes" by Shounentai

6. "Yuuki 100%" by HikaruGENJI

7. "Easy Come Easy Go" by B'z

8. "Back to You Again" by Byeon Jin Seob

Here's a live performance of "Harajuku Kiss". If you don't get the immediate appeal of Toshi-chan, you'll never get this particular style of idol-ing and Johnny's & Associates has supported more than a few guys who specialize in raw charisma over the years.

The comedy-idol group Imo-Kin Trio. The song starts about 40 seconds in.

And Shounentai on the Merv Griffin show. Just a warning, you may die from secondhand embarrassment.

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