Friday, November 6, 2015

To be on stage...

Benny Olsen's "There you go, Taylor! Much better!" made me laugh really hard for some reason. Possibly because it's pretty much what I was yelling last Sunday. We're all pulling for you, Kemp!

It's halftime in the Eastern Conference Semifinals and D.C. United is one down. Of course, coming back from one down after halftime is what we've excelled at all season so anything could happen on Sunday. ANY. THING. Anything.

The more I think things over, the more I keep coming back around to what Penn Jillette says about show business. Namely, that all we, as an audience want, is to feel a connection with our fellow human beings. Juggling, soccer, music, acting... at the most elemental level, they are the excuse we need to watch. The craft facilities a window into the soul. The deep pleasures of soccer's kinesthetic empathy. The emotional empathy. The satisfaction of seeing these men work so hard on the field and, like in Columbus, the frustration when we see them give up. The joy of winning. The emptiness of loss. These are emotions that tie us to life. We need an outlet for them, a safe outlet.

When people mock fans of heroes, of idols, of fandoms like Star Trek, I always wonder what those mockers would have us do instead? Where are we supposed to channel these feelings? The need for connection, the desire to feel like a part of something bigger. Religion? Ethnic identity? Directed back into the family? How is that marriage-is-one-true-love-romance-forever-bullshit working out for everyone? Into ourselves? Identity politics? Sometimes I feel like our American culture has suffocated us to the point where all those normal feels are putrefying. And we see the swamp gas of the result all over the news everyday...

Anyways. Some muggy Friday morning deep cuts for you. THERE YOU GO, TAYLOR! MUCH BETTER!

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