Monday, November 2, 2015

Shahrukh's Fan Teaser: SRK in Darr x SRK in Billu x I would need a lot of money to sit through this

So... the long Fan teaser has been released. And if you are a super Shahrukh fan, I'm sure you're excited since this seems to be the culmination of everything his career is about these days, i.e. Shahrukh. If you don't particularly care for him, there is nothing in this teaser to win you over since it is the culmination of everything his career seems to be about these days, i.e. Shahrukh.

The concept seems to be Darr crossed with Billu Barber but only with about a million times more Shahrukh packed into every frame. I have zero interest... less than zero interest. I have negative interest. I know Shahrukh has fans. I know he does. But for me, personally, as not his fan, this constant need to assert his own superstardom just rings of an inner desperation that a real superstar doesn't have.

Shahrukh is a media star. He loves the media and they reflect the him he wants to see back to himself. I don't think it's a coincidence that so much of this trailer footage is existing media footage of Shahrukh. More than any other star, Shahrukh has figured out how to play on the Bollywood media's own desperation for "access," for importance. He throws soundbites at the press and they swallow it all with stars in their eyes.

The odd thing about Shahrukh is that because of this desperation for attention, his fanbase actually holds a lot of power over him. If he stops producing content of the type they want to see, they have the power to vanish and take his "superstardom" with them. The constant displays of "superstardom" surely must come out of this fear. "They're still here, they're still here..." Until they're not.

I know I have a reputation as a Shahrukh-hater but I'm really not. I'll absolutely own up to strongly disliking his current persona. Without a doubt. I've hated almost everything he's done starting with the tonedeaf "cool" Don: The Chase Begins Again back in 2006... but that doesn't mean I'm not still hoping for another Chak De India or a return to the sweet-natured, non-smug, non-cloying Shahrukh of Main Hoon Na... Veer-Zaara, Asoka... I really enjoyed these films. But they don't have Shahrukh oozing from every frame like all his current films seem to.

All I can do is wait for him to put out a film I want to see. A film that doesn't star the "Superstar," just Shahrukh, the actor.

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