Monday, November 2, 2015

DCU vs. Red Bull at RFK. Losing really sucks, huh.

What a sour feeling it is, losing. Sitting in the stands at your home stadium while the opposing team's fans, in this case, the evil corporate RED BULLS supporters, explode into celebratory cheers. I'm surprised our collective doom and gloom, the combined force of thousands of disappointed D.C. United fans, didn't summon a personal rain cloud, localized over the "loud" section of RFK. I think we saw the ball maybe 3 times in the second half from our seats in section 127, by the Red Bull goal. Depressing. You cheer your ass off for 90+ minutes and the team still doesn't win. The gorgeous fall afternoon mocking our collective butthurt. How dare the team lose when we were there cheering? At least that was the mood of the crowd filing out...

Well, losing is a part of life. Losing is part of being a fan, whether it's sitting through a terrible film from your favorite hero or excitedly pre-ordering an album from your favorite band only to have it be a coke-fueled wankfest.

Picking yourself up and vowing to work harder next time, that's what D.C. United has been about this season. Through strings of injuries, horrible calls from the refs (HALSTI!! I feel you, bro.), and so much disparaging pundit wank that Ben Olsen finally snapped at the press not ask him about it anymore, D.C. United has made it this far, further than most of the other teams in our division. And truth be told, they played half of a really good game of soccer yesterday. It's just that, in the end, half a game wasn't good enough yesterday.

From my position inside the stadium, at least, I agree with this write-up. The silver lining for me, as well, was seeing some great defensive play from young Steve Birnbaum and Kofi Opare. "Big Time" Birnbaum, in particular, has become a great favorite of mine for his delightful web videos. The gap between his laid-back California personality and his grit on the field is a delight to watch:

How is this charming fellow the same guy I just saw giving the business to Red Bull offense?

My roommate, who kindly gave me a ride to the Metro after I was running late trying to rinse Wednesday's celebratory beer out my Rolfe jersey, was needling me a bit for becoming a sports fan. Isn't it just the same game over and over, he asked. Yes and no. The great thing about live sports, much like live theater, is that it is the same but different. We know the rules, the general outline of how things will go but the players, the flow, the personalities, the mood, even the crowd, can change things so much.

Why do I attend multiple concerts from the same band? Why go see the same play over-and-over again? Because it will be different each time. I've seen bands I love swing for the rafters and miss, playing live. And I've seen bands I had no interest in based on their recordings play blistering live shows. I've seen IGGY POP give one of the best live performances I've ever seen... in 2015, singing songs he's sung for 40+ years.

We'll see what happens next Sunday. #DCU can't give up now. Not when there's one more game to play. One more chance to extend the season that much further... to play more games. I'll be holding onto hope. Even if me and Leroy the cat are the only ones cheering.

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