Wednesday, August 26, 2015

BROTHERS review via podcast!

Asim and I recorded an episode about Akshay's Brothers! It is available on the upodcast website over here. Please check it out!

We go into the use of Catholic imagery a bit and I want to underscore that I found the use really effective. Anybody who has been to a traditional Catholic church knows the prominence with which the naked, tortured body of Christ is displayed. In the end, Akshay's character David has nothing but his own body and there was definitely a resonance between David's tortured body on display for our amusement and his tattoo of Jesus Christ, who put his tortured body on display for our salvation. The other bit of Catholic-ness that really got me was the forgiveness. Although we may not always follow it, Catholic teaching is big on forgiveness. And guilt. But forgiving and turning the other cheek, as well. Anyways, I found all of this really worked for me.

I will also say that I got so caught up in the world of the film that I left the theater in a bit of a daze. Perhaps because I know nothing about MMA fighting, I was on the edge of my seat for the entire second half of the film just waiting to see how the fights would play out. I suppose logically I "knew" who would end up being the final two but kudos to Karan Malhotra in that it still felt tense.

Definitely go check it out if you can!

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