Thursday, June 11, 2015

Do I deserve this much Beefcake?! DO I?!

Friends!!! Good morning! Can I just say that I think I was spoiled by Japan? I have a ticket to Belle & Sebastian tonight but I didn't quite realize until right now that the venue is SO FAR from public transportation that it would be extremely difficult to get to without driving but if I drive then parking is like $30!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! On top of that, I forgot that unlike in Japan, concerts here start really late. So, instead of a nice evening out, having a beer or two, seeing one of my favorite bands, and getting home at a reasonable time (11pm ish) in order to get to work in the morning, I'd be paying at least $30 for parking but then not having even a beer OR paying even more and getting a taxi AND the show probably wouldn't even start until 10-10:30pm… UGH! And the venue itself seriously sucks, according to Yelp. Seriously, America, get it together. I think I might just sit this one out.

I'll be seeing Belle & Sebastian at the end of the month anyways at All Tomorrow's Parties in Iceland so yeah. Basically, FUCK YOU, ECHOSTAGE and fuck you, lack of public transportation options in the United States!

ANYWAYS! Enough ranting! Life is good, friends! My health is really, really improving and I'm almost over my jet lag. So now the question is… DO I EVEN DESERVE TO BE ON THIS PLATFORM?

I can't say but I definitely deserve to watch this movie. I'll do it. I'll put my trust in Karan "from the director of Agneepath" Malhotra. The only thing I was worried about was songs (i.e. would there be songs?!) but then I saw Bebo is doing an item so no worries!

And if that's not enough beefcake for a Thursday morning…

DAMN VARUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The more I see from Varun, the more I like him. I definitely thing ABCD 2 is one to look out for if it features songs like this. What I like about what I've seen from Varun so far is that despite the fact that he's a star kid, he seems to really be putting in the effort to make what could be throwaway roles into something compelling. I mean, Main Tera Hero is an utterly mediocre film but Varun makes his scenes pop. And now ABCD 2 promos… kid has presence, determination, and talent. I got to respect that.

Now to catch up with Badlapur… I wonder if it's on streaming yet.

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