Monday, May 11, 2015


Good morning, friends!

I hope everybody has been well… so, ol' Filmi Girl has slowly been returning to good health. I'm feeling better than I have in months. Fingers crossed I don't have another horrible set-back… I feel like I was a ghost for the last few months and starting to look like one, too!! My roommate joked I'm the only person to ever lose weight on an all ice cream diet. Gallows humor… :))

The silver lining for you is there hasn't been much of interest in the theaters and there will continue to be nothing much of interest in theaters until, what? Brothers? With the exception of, yes, ABCD 2!!!!!!!


What was 3D made for if not to bring us PRABHUDEVA DANCING OUT OF OUR CINEMA SCREENS?!

I was explaining to my family over the weekend how much I live for the razzle-dazzle of show business and how little Bollywood has been providing it over the last few years… with some exceptions. Varun Dhawan has a lot of razzle-dazzle.

And towards the end of this month is Masss! If it comes to my theater, it might be worth shelling out for this one… Suriya! MASS!


Anonymous said...

Suriya as a vampire??? I'm not sure whether I ought to be amazed or very very frightened. :)

Gabbar was pretty cool, IMO. It's not really cheerful enough (especially the ending) to be suitable viewing for someone just recovering from a spell of bad health (plus the picturizations are pretty blah except for the one with Bebo), but it has quite a bit more humor than the trailers suggest, and it's probably the closest we will ever come to seeing Akki doing a 70s/80s Bachchan social crusader type role. Shruti's supposed to be funny-annoying, but mostly ends up being this bland prop for the hero to be funny *at*, if that makes any sense. She has only slightly more screen time than Tamannaah in Entertainment.

Anonymous said...

PS: glad that you are doing better :)

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