Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A few thoughts on Mr. Bond.

Good morning, dear friends! I'm so sorry to have abandoned you for so long. As you may or may not have known I've been fighting some very poor health since the end of March and just as I thought I was getting better, I had a major relapse last Thursday. They say two steps forward, one step back but I feel like it's been one step forward, two steps back for me all spring.

And I've been left with a very, very large medical bill. (Thanks, American health care system!) Which means that I probably won't be seeing many new movies in the theater for some time to come because I just can't afford to spend $15 on a ticket for a film that will more than likely not be worth the cost.

But I'm on the mend again and hopefully for good this time. But please be patient with me and hopefully I'll be back to writing on regular basis again in the near future.

I did want to share that I watched Akshay's delightful Mr. Bond the other day, on youtube, without subtitles, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I really don't understand how it gets ranked at the bottom of the Akshay filmography. HAVE THOSE PEOPLE NEVER SEEN 8 x 10?! My god! I will try to do a proper write-up if I can wrangle my brain back into fighting shape because there doesn't seem to be anything substantial in English on the film online and I feel like it deserves some love. I mean, sure, Akshay is still a very green actor in the film but he's also got an unbelievable magnetism. And his physicality is already all there. His stunts and action sequences are really fun to watch and even his dancing, artless as it is, is still fun and energetic.

It's not easy to play a big shot, sexually magnetic playboy-hero-whatever and still be likable but Akshay manages it in Mr. Bond. The movie is just SO MUCH FUN!

I also really appreciated a) that there was an equal amount of screen time given to male and female eye candy. For every heaving female bosom, we're treated to male cleavage shots of Akki's gloriously hairy chest. Buxuom babes in bathing suits? I RAISE YOU ASS ANGLE SHOTS OF AKSHAY IN HIS SPEEDO. I also appreciated that the babes weren't obnoxious, helpless dum-dums. Sure, nobody in the film was breaking into the brain trust business but the girls used wiles, guns, and will power to get what they wanted. And nobody was raped. Not too shabby for an early 1990s film.

And b) there was some great camera work. I checked and it was directed by Raj Sippy, and the only other film of his I've seen, I think, is Inkaar… which coincidentally or not also features kidnapped children.


This whole angle with "Dragon" sending reels of film to the police station where they would watch them and react was so interesting!! The way it was shot was as if the filming and viewing were happening simultaneously but they weren't! Very, very nice trick. And this shot of Dragon's face in the camera was so cool!!

The whole thing left me with a feeling that Akshay had it the worst with the turn away from this kind of full throttle action-comedy-emotion-musical masala towards the division into genre films, the Hum-Tum/Race divide, if you will, in the coming decades. And nobody has benefited more from the return of the full-throttle-action-comedy-musical masala… except maybe Salman?

Anyways, thanks for being patient with me, friends. And if you'd like to help make a dent in my medical bills… well, my e-book is available. And at the request of a friend, I'll be splitting off JUST the "Bollywood for Beginners" section into a separate (and much shorter) book and that will be available soon, as well.

Have a great day! And stay cool!

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Anonymous said...

*hugs* hope you get to feeling better. It's looking like I might be able to see Gabbar this weekend, so I will definitely try to put my thoughts up somewhere online on that.

I need to give Mr Bond another try...I started watching it a while back, and the youtube version seized up on me partway through. But what I remember of it was pretty amusing and certainly not the worst Akki movie ever. My candidate would probably be Saugandh, his debut movie, which I saw half of and gave up on due to the animal cruelty, the dull picturizations, and the human characters being total psychos.

I remember seeing a comment somewhere, about the time Holiday came out, to the effect that Akshay is so efficient a masala hero-a reasonably good dancer, quite good at emotion/romance/comedy, even better than that at action-that it makes the people behind the cameras downright lazy. Might be something to it.

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