Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bollywood for Beginners!!

Well… I wrote a book! "Bollywood for Beginners: And the Best of Filmi Girl" is now up at the Amazon Kindle Store!

I rewrote my Bollywood for Beginners series and compiled and edited a collection of the best of my blog--100 Crore Club, Box Office Poison, etc.--and put them all together in a e-book! It was quite the journey, let me tell you. It was really a strange feeling to watch my opinions change and morph over almost ten years. And I had forgotten how important Kites was to my filmi-watching career. Meeting Hrithik really was a game changer for me.

I could see where I'd been reading a lot of theory, where I'd taken that writing class, where I was feeling really depressed… ten years is a long time, friends.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy re-living those years with me. This blog has been an important part of my life. ♥


odadune said...

yay, congrats! Gonna bounce over there and buy it. I am very cautiously researching how to dig some of my old fiction writing out of mothballs and get it up to snuff for kindle, so in addition to being happy that you are making this available in kindle form, I am...encouraged. :)

mera-naam-joker said...

I've read you for years and I'm very excited to get your book!

Mikko said...

Thanks! I've watched mostly South Indian films and don't really know where to begin with Bollywood but this book seems to have some good recommendations. :)

ThelondongirlUSA said...

wow well done love. Now,what writing class did you do? mad respect

Snobby SydneySider said...

Congratulations in order! Good for you. Nice to see hard work come to fruition like that. You must be so very gratified! Wish your book all the very best. Will look out for it on Kindle.

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