Monday, February 2, 2015

The Money Wars

Oh, friends. I meant to watch Lingaa this weekend. I really did. But instead I ended up catching up on this wonderful Japanese drama airing right now called Zeni no Sensou ("The Money Wars"). It reminds me a lot of those wonderful old Amitabh movies from the 1970s where the hero (played by Kusanagi Tsuyoshi in this case, one of my favorites and an actor who has really mastered the art of the TV melodrama) tries to do what's culturally mandated but realizes that not only is he outside of society but EVERY POSSIBLE WAY OF JOINING SOCIETY is forbidden to him because of class, money, etc. So… in the first episode there is this amazing scene where our hero's father has committed suicide millions of yen in debt and his mother is in hospital and he's lost his job and he's at his breaking point and he runs to the temple and just WAILS at God, saying that his mother gave a 5 yen everyday for 40 years for God to watch over them and look what's happened. HE DEMANDS A REFUND! HE NEEDS ALL THOSE YEN NOW TO PAY MEDICAL BILLS!!!

It's really quite something to watch Kusanagi-san explode like that. He's done it in every episode so far. My favorite is at this party scene with all these rich people and he gets up on a table with a bottle of champagne and just TELLS TRUTH TO POWER, MAN!

Also, Judy Ongg (you know, Judy Ongg!!!!!!) is in it as a bad-ass old rich aunty.



And next weekend, hopefully I'll get to see me some Amitabh at the local cinema.

There's just so much to do and see and so little time…

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