Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sh, sh, sh, shamitabh!

Look, I admit that I was extremely wary of Shamitabh for a few reasons.

1) Do I want to see a song picturization with Amitabh on the can? No.

2) The words, "From the guy who brought you Paa."

3) The nepo-tastic debut of yet ANOTHER star daughter with no background in acting doesn't exactly set my pulse pounding.

So, basically I didn't even bother to watch the trailer… UNTIL I WAS FORCED TO WHEN IT RAN IN FRONT OF I:


Okay so I still don't want to see Amitabh on the can, Akshara Hassan = still uninteresting to me, but I'm in enough to go to the theater to check it out. I mean… DHANUSH!!!!!! And Amitabh chewing up scenery like it's milk toast! LOVE IT!

I do wonder if this was originally supposed to be another Amitabh-Abhishek joint… I'm glad they didn't go that way if it was.

Ah, and maybe I should say a few more words about I? I don't know. There seems to be some controversy with Ojas's character. I stand by my original view that she was playing a Helen/Shashikala-type role… and playing it straight, pardon the pun. By which I mean you could have put somebody like Amisha Patel in the role and only one or two lines would need to be taken out. Now, maybe the "vamp" role itself is reactionary. I'm certainly happy to have that discussion. But it can only be a good thing to include a perfectly normal (and utterly fabulous) transgender actress in a mainstream film, right? The more people get used to seeing difference, the less different it seems. Isn't it better that she's playing a fun, colorful vamp in a big budget mass film than playing in some dour, weepy, woe-is-my-life artsy film that only a handful of elites will see? That's my opinion, anyways. With the caveat that I do realize it's easier to Monday morning quarterback from my comfortable couch in America...


odadune said...

I had trouble forgiving the filmmakers for Piddly as well (HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING FROM THE FAILURE OF BESHARAM, PEOPLE? The Bollywatching public does not need to see its 70s icons on the potty.) But the trailer struck me as interesting (mostly for BigB), and I think the Haasan sisters are cute, so.

Enjoyed the review of I-didn't have much to say about it because I haven't seen it yet and most of the plot was pretty obvious from the time the first trailers came out (maybe not all the details about who was gunning for the hero, but there's only a limited number of scenarios that give you both bodybuilder!Chiyaan and Quasimodo!Chiyaan, so....) THere are pretty good odds that I will make it to Baby this coming weekend, so yay.

Jess said...
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Jess said...

Osma's biggest problem was the actress and the dubbing actress both were terrible. And I wish she'd played it more like PC's vamp in Aitraaz. More scary than just vampy. Considering that Diya was actually threatened by Osma flirting with Lingsan, I think it was supposed to be played "straight" as you said. Didn't bother me as much as I expected.

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