Friday, December 19, 2014

Cannot wait. RETURN OF MADDY!

Good morning, friends!! It's almost Christmas time and after an INTENSE month a week that just kicked my butt to hell and back, my work is finally ramping down for the year so I can take some time and enjoy the holidays. I have a feeling posting will be sporadic until January but I'm going to try and get a few more reviews out before 2015 hits. I mean… PK is here this weekend! Yay! I'm going to try and get that and I still have hopes for seeing Lingaa before it leaves theaters. There's also a few films on that I have my eye on so… let's do this! RELAXATION TIME!



Aight VVC. I'm feeling Broken Horses. It looks like it's going to be a masala film minus the songs and with white actors. If it's Parinda on the Mexican border, I can totally get into that.

First of all… uh, what is this Roy? Ranbir Kapoor looks fucking wrecked! This is one of those favor films, I think, but, wow, is Ranbir in a career downturn at the moment… I wonder what Bombay Velvet will do for him, if anything. Has he left the Hero-ing game to Ranveer and Varun (and to a lesser extent Sid and Arjun)? The field is more crowded than it was in 2007-2008. Ranveer isn't going to crumble like Imran Khan and Neil Nitin Mukesh. Remember when those three were the big thing? LOL! Silly 2007-2008-era us.

Asha Bhosle telling us what's missing from contemporary Bollywood. For one thing… decent lyrics.

And I've been thinking about Dil Chahta Hai for some reason recently… Happy Ending triggered some memory. I need to re-watch it and write about it.

I love this song~

I don't know with DCH it's like… on the one hand I remember it really fondly but on the other the memory has been somewhat tarnished by the schlock it unleashed upon us. A wave of richy-rich boy "don't know what love or responsibility is" rom-coms. Also Farhan Akhtar's career, directorial and acting, which is mostly loathsome. (The Don REMAKE AND SEQUEL ARE EVIL!!!!!! EVIL!!!!!) But DCH, man, the don't-know-what-love-is stories are actually really sweet. Saifu realizing arranged matches have merit; Aamir learning to care about other human beings; and Akshaye's rainbow dolphin romancing of a luscious, older Dimple Kapadia in those denims. I mean, sure, it's kind of long and the costuming is REALLY dated but… I don't know. I remember it fondly.


odadune said...

Maddy movie looks pretty intense, but I suspect I'm not gonna be too comfortable with the characters.

People keep telling me that Ranbir looks rough, but to me he looks pretty much the same as always. He's been shuttling back and forth between multiple filmshoots, and that's not always something you can pull off with an active, evening/night oriented social life that includes booze (although people certainly used to, back in the old days).

I kind of get what they were going for with this song from Roy, based on what I'd read about the plot when it was still early in production, but feels awkward and amateurishly done.

odadune said...

Forgot to say that Maddy movie was shot simultaneously in Tamil and Hindi-if you can't find the Tamil version near you at time of release, keep an eye out for something called Saala Kadoos, that seems to be the Hindi version.

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