Thursday, December 4, 2014

Baby. OH YEAH!

So… this looks epic. I am officially VERY EXCITED to see this. I love when Akshay really throws himself into a role. I mean, I enjoy watching him coast and have a good time but when he REALLY gets into it… I love it. Of course, we know he has a mixed (to be kind) history with choosing non-traditional fare with some real stinkers. I mean, did anybody know their ass from their elbow in 8 x 10 Tasveer? Akshay reminded me of a baffled Keanu Reeves just like, "Uh… well, the script says this… So, I guess it's the case?" Khakee, though. That was on point.

Man, oh man, were there ever some long boring stretches in Special 26 but there was enough good there (especially in the casting) that I have high hopes for Baby.

Oh, and I've been enjoying Gawker's recaps of the Sony Pictures leaks. They show just how braindead Hollywood really is at its core. This one has the powerpoint presentations that feature some truly hideous marketing slides about how teens think Smurfs are "cool" and lists the themes of Grown Ups 2 as "friendship, loyalty, humor, fun, adventure" totally leaving out "Adam Sandler's buddies need a paycheck," "farts," and "fat guy jokes". ZING!

And the (possibly) good news for me… Action Jackson is playing! I have to admit I kind of lost my steam for writing a proper Happy Ending review after some twitter discussion. I don't know… the Debbie Downer mentality gets to me sometimes, even I try not to let it. I mean, I genuinely enjoyed the film! And it's totally worth a rental/stream on Netflix when it's available. I wanted to talk about the way it sort of flipped the Bachna Ae Haseeno/Devika Bhagat script formula. I really hated that the end of Bachna Ae Haseeno had Deepika's character suddenly decide she believed in "true wuv" in a COMPLETE character 180 but at the end of Happy Ending, though there was a similar set-up, Ileana's character remains herself. She keeps her convictions and, at the end, she never commits to anything or anybody. She just says… I'll give him a chance.

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odadune said...

I kind of like 8x10 Tasveer-the cinematography, the mostly understated performances, the gothic atmosphere, the fact that it handles its paranormal angle fairly consistently, the hilarious decision to make a gender-flipped gothic romance where the girl is arrogant, judgmental and enigmatic and the guy is the one uncovering mysterious truths in between swooning all over the place. but it's one of a bunch of movies he made around that time where the whole plot is his character refusing to act (CC2C, Housefull, Acton Replayy, Patiala House) and I think Housefull is the only one that manages to make it 100% work from a plot POV (because everyone else is proactive and Akki's mostly their victim/conscience, especially in the second half) I like his shift towards more proactive roles in recent years, and Holiday, Rowdy Rathore and the Neeraj Pandey films are cool in the way they make him mentally proactive, not just physically.

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