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Yudi, Yogi, and Happy Ending… (I promise a real review soon!)

How odd that Happy Ending should follow my rediscovery of my obsession with doubles and double roles in Bollywood. In Happy Ending, the main character is a writer, Yudi (Saif Ali Khan, on the left), who is basically "writing" the movie as we're watching it… if that makes sense. Yudi doesn't just narrate the film but scene notes also appear at the appropriate times. (i.e. something like "Scene 90: Race to the Airport" during the inevitable scene where the hero races to the airport to catch up with the heroine and stop her from leaving.) Sure, it's a cute conceit and if that was all there was to it, we might as well just be watching another Imran Khan-starrer. What really makes the writer-writing-the-film concept work is the addition of the character of "Yogi" (also Saif Ali Khan, on the right).

Yudi "writes" Yogi into his story as his own (and a certain portion of the audience's) alter ego. Yogi is the personification of the type of fanboy who sits around in his superhero T-shirts debating what "tropes" are in which films and basically not seeing the forest for the nitpicking "that contradicts this origin story" trees. Yudi turns to Yogi with his actual life problems and Yogi delivers "wisdom" gleaned from snarky reviews from the Onion AV Club. I was really amused at his inclusion in the film, especially as the alter-ego of the slick, cool Yudi--each trapped in his own version of suspended adolescence and seeing the world through a specific filter.

As the stand-in for the audience, Yogi has one really great zing at the expense of "Yudi" but really at the expense of Saif, saying what we're ALL thinking when Yudi goes off on how he is still young and has time to figure things out… and Yogi just looks at him and kind of shakes his head like, "Naw, dawg." And so Yudi has to qualify with "young at heart." Yogi still doesn't quite buy it--and neither do we--but it's hilarious and a nice meta-commentary on the critique Saif and the other 40+ heroes get from the Yogi-types in the audience for playing "young… at heart."

I'm not sure if I'm the only one who saw it like this since the reviews I read all seemed to think Yogi was Yudi's twin brother… something that never occurred to me until I came home and read the reviews.

One other thing on Yogi… I found it very interesting that basically EVERYBODY agreed that Govinda and his antics were way more entertaining than the rom-com elements because Govinda and the "jimmy jimmy jimmy jimmy HERO ENTRY" is exactly what the Yogi types who found Happy Ending so dull have been trying to get erase from Bollywood for the last 15 years. I don't know. Maybe I'm just Raj & DK-biased but I read Govinda's turn as kind of a fuck you to the people who had been trying to erase his particular talents from the screen. Turns out WE FUCKING LOVE GOVINDA AND WANT HIM BACK! Oh, Govinda…

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Apex said...

Thanx fg--some random thots

Checked happy ending yesterday --being late is not uncommon for me so missed the first 20-25 min or so

Yes this is an audience friendly genre, but the treatment, flavour style was different from what the 'multiplex' crowd wants or is used to in Bollywood (& I could sense that from the promos)
as expected--it never reached the 'heights' and 'depths' of one of my faves 'cocktail' due to various reasons but that for maybe later
There were pacing, narration, and predictability issues galore BUT

DK raj or whatever are good & fresh
Govinda used every second of his screen time to come up with a brilliant perfomance (actually people like him can't be 'judged' by reviewers etc-he's above them--he can manufacture moments out of the blue)
Montoo aka ranbir shorey was ROFLOL

Look, I ripped apart saif for bullett raja and humshakals (& have never cared for his 'langda tyagi' hyper celebrated deals since there are better people to do that shit)
But I don't blame saif for trying out such 'different' (for him) stuff though

But here saif was nearly back to his best albeit in a mellower note (though he lacked focus and effort &was uneven at places- a bit too laid-back 4 his own production)
Infact I will say that saif is UNTOUCHABLE in this genre and space even now (in the history of Bollywood ) and I'm not exaggerating ...
There's not even a comparison with ANYONE

There were those subtle nuances and moments
I smiled seeing them --as if the target audience as only ME lol

Fcuk the box office-U have passed in my test in flying colors here

The only thing I blame saif is his alliance with kareena --now he will pay the 'price'--good I came late and missed Kareena !!!

Ps : a special word of praise for Ileana DaCruz
She matched saif as much as was possible ---
Ileanas best performance to date--more on that later
She brought to life a vivid and human character called

Aanchal Reddy ...
Here she lights up a rather average composition with saif

The only thing bad about this is that this will perhaps be the last outing of saif in this genre -A sad goodbye to saif --cheers buddy

know the box office and reviewers and all others won't agree here at all--infact this will be a disaster ...and will be ripped apart badly
But have I ever cared for that ...? Nope

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