Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tevar: Arjun still hasn't gotten rid of that constipated look.

I don't hate it but I've been burned by Arjun's lack of acting/hero-ing abilities in so many other films that I'm reluctant to give him yet another shot. And this seems like one of those films where the heroine is sidelined in order to boost the profile of the hero. All in all, not really feeling it… but I don't hate it.

Totally unrelated… remember this?

"What? The party's over?"

LOVE STORY 2050 FOREVER!!!!! When will we get a film this gloriously stupid again? WHEN?!


Snobby SydneySider said...

Love Story 2050 is way up there in the So Bad Its Good category of movies. LOL! Thanks for reminding me about this film!

Moimeme said...

Thank you for that Love Story video! Hard though it may be to believe, I've never seen Harman Baweja in action before, and I must say he's a FABULOUS dancer! Wow, what perfect control of his body!

Wouldn't it be great if there was a category of "item boys" in Bollywood films, so that the dancing talents of people like Harman (or Javed Jaffrey) could still be enjoyed by audiences, even if the guys couldn't click as actors for some reason? This is a serious suggestion. After all, Helen, who pioneered the "club dance" in films, was used only for that one dance in many, many films, even though she could also act.

Apex said...

Jus read yesterdays Monday post--
Should be titled "filmigirls back story"- xmen origins tracing her film blogging career lol--- keep it up buddy

Agree about deepika appearing quiet &'guilty' on Aamirs show-- the 'truth' is that deepika knows her original USP. Infact some just call her 'legs'...
Deep within her recent 'actress' self still resides the kingfisher swimsuit model waiting to 'flaunt'
Ps: enough political incorrect ness for today

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