Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday, Monday… the weekend goes so fast!

Oh, Saifu! I love you… from far away. But I really hope that Humshakals was not you "being true to yourself" and more the "imbalance" part. *cough*

It's funny, you know. I spent all weekend going back and editing old reviews and it feels like there was this MASSIVE shift in my perception of things about the time Tashan came out. It's like that movie was the key to my current viewpoints. Thanks to Vicky, I had my eyes opened to the inanity of Om Shanti Om, among other things. And then that Kannada movie happened to be filming in Washington, DC also in 2008 and got me started watching South Indian films starting with the new wave of Kannada films, rather than entering with Telugu revenge sagas or something. Strange how things turn out, isn't it?

I also realized I'd been writing… well, not THIS blog, but blogging about Bollywood for about ten years now. I've seen A LOT of films. A lot. But I've hated Priyanaka Chopra's acting for a long, long time. I changed my mind on Kareena and Shahid in Jab We Met; realized I hated Shahrukh sometime in the My Name is Khan promotions and had it sealed by Ra.1; and REALLY fell for "modern" Salman with Veer.

My earliest writings are really funny. I had no clue. Heh.

Anyyyywayyyys, that stupid "mistakes in Dhoom 3 video. Who really cares THAT MUCH?? It's a masala film, not a rocket launch. The point isn't the scientific accuracy.

Speaking of perception changes, I got about ten minutes into Snowpiercer and couldn't stand the dull visual palate, all the white men, and the "reluctant leader" white guy. I mean, COME ON, I don't care how good you tell me a film is. I'm not wasting my time with yet ANOTHER story about some white guy who just needs to step up and take charge because PEOPLE ARE DEPENDING ON HIM. Fuck that. Where's Katniss Everdeen to be like, "Fine, asshole. You don't want to lead, step aside and I'll do it." Ugh.

Oh! This write-up of Satyamev Jayate.

Then came the three ladies of Bollywood, of whom Deepika hardly spoke. Which may be because Kangana had just stated that she’s refused at least ten item number offers because she doesn’t think women should be objectified. I think “Main Lovely ho gayiaan” was playing at the back of Deepika’s head at that point.

Not that Kangana has never been objectified but the Rascals days feel like a REALLY dark time in her personal life and she has really, really grown up since then. She clearly speaks from experience when she talks about women being objectified.

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Red said...

Kangana speaks very honestly about her past films and why she chose them at that time. I don't like Deepika. I still see her as post-Ranbir-widow. I'm already worrying about "Tamasha". Team Kat-Ranbir anytime!

Anyway what's your opinion on Katrina's item numbers? Dirty or not? I think she makes good work on them. At least they don't look cheap like most of other attempts at topic of item songs. I think we owe Farah Khan for bringing dancing queen...

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