Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hirai Ken doing it right.

(alternate link) I was really wary when I heard the concept for this video from Japanese pop singer Hirai Ken but I actually think it's really cute!! I know the "cultural appropriation" tag and "exoticism" tag get thrown around a lot and there are some truly horrendous examples out there--Natalie Portman as a "Bollywood Princess" and whatever that crap from Smash was--but Hirai Ken manages to pull off a fun, Indian-themed PV without being all gross about it.

Apparently Hirai Ken says that people think he looks Indian which is where the idea for the video came from. He does have kind of an Arjun Rampal, John Abraham vibe about him, huh? Enjoy!!

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Divya said...

What the hell was that Natalie Portman video !! I can't believe she agreed to do that video. Also she won an Oscar for playing a ballet dancer, but here she looks like she can't dance to save her life !!

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