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Favorite musical moments?

I got asked on twitter what some of my favorite "musical moments" in movies were… it's a tough question and a different one from favorite song picturizations, in my opinion. I can love a song picturization having never seen the film it's attached to--Jacqueline Fernandez in Jadoo Ki Jhappi springs to mind--but a "musical moment" is deep in the film itself.

But off the top of my head…

The guitar theme from Karz and the way it's used again and again… the theme is just so wistful. Hearing it immediately brings me back to that image at the beginning of the film of the jeep driving across the empty landscape with the sun behind them. And as Rishi gets more and more unhinged, the theme seems more and more ominous.

Kishore Kumar playback singing for Kishore Kumar playback singing in the film for Sunil Dutt in his battle against Mehmood in Padosan. A classic for obvious reasons.

"Pardesi" from Dev.D. Before Anurag Kashyap traveled so far up his own ass that he couldn't see the sun shine anymore, he showed how the idea of the song break could be seamlessly incorporated into a "Hindie" film. Usually these films will stick in some sort of belabored club song or have the characters make a big production about attending a Bollywood show but Dev.D just glides "Paradesi" in there with no fanfare. And it suits the mood--and the story--perfectly. The use of music throughout Dev.D was great but this one stuck with me.

Another "Pardesi Pardesi" from Raja Hindustani. This one has the two gypsies giving voice to Aamir Khan's character until he can no longer contain himself and bursts out with all his feels himself. And bonus Lolo!

Vidya Balan's final dance in Bhool Bhuliya is still a favorite. This is another one where you keep hearing the theme over and over and over and the final reveal is just sooooo satisfying. Like an itch getting scratched.

And one last one--Kangana doing a little lip-synced "Kajra Mohabbat Wala" in Tanu Weds Manu. It's just such an innocent moment for her character. (Plus, I love this song.)

What about you guys?!


DPSF said...

The final dance in Bhool Bhulaiyya is such an interesting scene! I remember I first discovered it by a link on youtube after watching the equivalent scene in tamil movie Chandramukhi… (I was very surprised, I did not know at the time how common it was to have remakes or adaptations of a movie in the different indian languages)
I think I watched 5 versions of this scene! I found it particularly interesting because while movies can be remade, the songs generally change a lot, but this scene remains very similar in all versions. It's such a powerful musical sequence and scene… I love it!

DPSF said...

Other great musical moments imo:
The ending of Khuda Gawah! The music is great, alternates between songs and background score to highlight the mood and suspense! Also
Udi in Guzaarish: really well integrated and powerful emotional moment.
Shah ka Rutba in Agneepath: I love songs that help build the tension of a movie.
For the same reason I love Yeh dil ki Lagi Kam Kya Hogi in Mughal-e-Azam, and Beqadar, Bekhabar in Ram Lakhan.
And Bhooli Bisri in Nagina for creating a mysterious atmosphere despite Rishi's sweatshirt.
And finally Maar Daala in Devdas because that's when I fell in love with Madhuri :)

odadune said...

I like some of the examples that have already been listed, like the dance from Bhool Bhulaiyaa and, really, anything from Devdas, but here's a few of my own favorites.

1). Vennilave Vennilave from Minsara Kanavu:

It stands alone brilliantly, but in the movie, it's the point at which Kajol, who hasn't wanted to fall in love with anyone, and Prabhudheva, who's been wooing her by proxy on behalf of someone else, start to accept that they are falling in love.

2). Chamak Challo Chel Chabeli, from Rowdy Rathore:

Again, this is just a lovely, joyful number on its own-I think it's the only picturization from the film that I truly enjoy out of context-but in the context of the film, it's important for showing that Shiva and Paro are two of a kind and whatever he feels towards her is mutual.

3). Nimbooda Nimbooda:

Look, in terms of well-executed, dramatically important songs, I could probably list every number from the three SLB films I've seen, but to me there is something special about the fire and energy of this performance. To me it's the quintessential Aish number, and also it's an important plot nexus; the heroine is basically working out her anger at her boyfriend, but in the process she makes another man fall in love with her. What always struck me as tragic about this film is that the woman Ajay's character fell in love with really only exists in this moment, and even if she gets over Salman, he will never see the Nimbooda girl again.

4). Dil Dhoondhta Hai reprise from the 1975 Mausam:

This is one of several major flashback scenes in the film, but the merging of past and present is really interesting here, and the fact that this uptempo reprise of a slow, reflective song played over the opening credits somehow manages to be rather eerie.

5). Main toh ek Pagal, from Anhonee (1973):

Not nearly as famous as anything else here, but it's a romantic turning point in an obscure movie I have a soft spot, and it's my favorite Sanjeev/Leena picturization, so there you go.

Thelondongirl said...

sapna, and kajol frolicking to a reggae beat turning on this poor dude... i love it because prabhudeva is in this film, and because this film showed a dark skinned indian as a romantic protagonist. and he could dance. What? yeah but I remember rewinding this over and over, as the caribbean is well.... we go way back

I watch this at least once every two weeks, simply because Madhuri makes me forget how much I hate the story and I just want to dance like her, the eyes, the seduction. and the sheer beauty of it. aaay Maar Dala

I love the idea of being able to see god in someone, its pretty and very romantic, so this is where Anushka sees him differently(old dude Shahrukh), you see a nobility about him that wasnt there before. and the song is just haunting: Rab ne bana de jodi, Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta hai (female version)

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