Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Sorry… I thought I was done with Bang Bang but I saw they'd uploaded this song and, well… HOW CUTE IS KATRINA! See, everybody (or at least "everybody") always complains about the lack of heroine-focused material but here's a delightful heroine-has-a-crush-on-the-hero number!

And I wanted all of Katrina's clothes. Especially that yellow number. She was so sensibly dressed through most of the movie to the point where there's one scene where she puts on a tank top to cover her swim suit as Hrithik is stripping off his shirt with the camera lingering.

I still don't understand how all the critics could dismiss her as "arm candy" when she was clearly the protagonist.

ANYWAYS. "UFF!" *dances* I've been enjoying this whole soundtrack all week!


Apex said...

yeah--uff is neither a blockbuster nor an outstanding track but a really cute song--a kinda throwback to those innocent 'heroine pining for the hero' tracks ...

in a way--this is the best katrina perfomance (along with my favorite kat from znmd)
in znmd the objection was that the somehwat 'bohemian' instructor was quite conventional deepdown & some (gals i know) found this 'paradox' unsettling..

herein katrina is the simple girl next door dreaming of adventure and romance and different criticisms crop up --apparently she is 'dumb'--u cant win……

and the biggest critics of katrina are girls ..

anyhow i like the dreamy simple quality of HRs lyrics here tho--(courtesy google)
"Kya kya karaogi khwabon mein humse
Badloon main rang kitne khamkha
Uda uda ban ke gubbara
Mera dil buddhu bechara.."

Baba said...

Katrina looked beautiful in this song. some say that the song comes in too early after tu meri but when you have hrithik and katrina in a movie, you will be tempted to have a song like this and it actually comes at an apprppriate place where her character falls in love. The meherbaan song has a classy yet sensual picturisation and i think hrithik katrina had a lot of fun in it ;)

The ones who complain about katrina in this film are actually those who just want to see her as "arm candy" and nothing more.Thats the irony.

Baba said...

just want to add that there is a reason why only aamir was giving interviews defending d3 after its release. katrina/abhishek both stayed away. as i had said in my review, they had guest appearances/insignificant roles so they didnt care. while katrina in BB is the protagonist. its her film

odadune said...

Out of the soundtrack, I enjoyed this one the most as a song, and the picturization is really cute. I also like the artificial winter set ala Hangover or Humko Deewana Kar Gaye.

Filmi Girl said...

@Odadune The artificial winter set was so lovely. And her dress, too!

@Baba I agree on all your points. The song may have come a bit early but I'm just glad they had it in at all. I feel like those types of Heroine songs like "Mere Khwabon Mein" don't come so often anymore. :(

Actually I thought Katrina in the shower was just as innocent as Kajol in "Mere Khwabon"… but people act like it was just a skin show!

@Apex The "paradox" from ZNMD… I need to rewatch it but I don't remember finding her unsettling… I'll have to look for it. I know some traditional minded girls when it comes to family and relationships who are more "modern" in other things… so it's possible.

It bothers me that the biggest critics of Katrina are girls. :( I don't know why… and then the biggest fans of ditzy actresses like Sonam are girls! So strange.

Red said...

I was surprised with this song too! Such a lovely video. Katrina is cute!

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