Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy Budday… a few days late, Yash Raj, but thanks!!

Wheeee!!! I can't wait for Kill Dil!!! Ranveer is definitely my favorite hero from the newer bunch. And Ali Zafar is lovely and so is Parineeti!

Anyhoo, folks, I'll try to remember to respond to your comments this evening. Please forgive my lack of time this morning.
But, I will say Apex's comment (I think?) reminded me of this track from Dhoom 3, as an interesting comparison to "Uff" from Bang Bang.

"Tu Hi Junooon…" (I was obsessed with this track last winter. Such a good song!) My point is though that it's the complete opposite to "Uff," because here Katrina really does have a dream-girl arm-candy role. She adds a lot to it just with her performance but the contrast is pretty clear--she's the object of "Tu Hi Junoon" but she's the subject of "Uff."

Just a Thursday morning thought. :)

Have a lovely day!! HAPPY BUDDAY WEEK TO ME! :))))


Jess said...

Nice comparison with Tu hi Junoon and Uff! They are both lovely songs with very cute picturizations. I have to say I prefer Uff, because its so nice to see the heroine pov. I think I said this on twitter, but between this and Meherbaan, Harleen has some fantastic fantasies!

Apex said...

Happy budday fg..
Agree with u: fg & Jess: in 'tu hi junoon': Kat IS the 'object' of desire-as in the most overused word 'objectification' (sic!) whilst 'uff' depicted Kats emotional milieu & mental landscape (wow wot words)

Btw Tu hi junoon's Chicago picturisation amongst the 'done- to-death' landmarks (& overfamiliar) landmarks robbed it soemwhat of the requisite 'personalisation' tho...And Aamirs 'shortness' & vis a vis Kat irked me lol (sorry I'm not a v political correct guy!)

Btw fg & Jess--taking the same theme to the more 'darker' side (musically) -What do u people think of this Paloma faith number ?
I have been scared of it given the creepily ultra-senty title but it was forced down by throat (ears) whilst driving --noticed that the execution & rendition is brilliant n deadly --isn't it? Reminds me of Amy winehouse (with talent)

Filmi Girl said...

@Jess I'm glad you agree!!

@Apex You, too! Although as a lady who is 175cm tall, I have to admit that I like tall women-short men pairings on screen. ;)) (And the other song wasn't really my style of music~ sorry! :))

odadune said...

I like the Happy Budday picturization the best of the ones to come out of Kill Dil so far. Title track recycles too many of the scenes found in the trailer, and Sweeta, is a hilarious song attached to a hilarious Ranveer attached to a picturization that can't keep up with them.

odadune said...

forgot to say: a belated happy Budday :)

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