Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Don't drop it, Aamir!

Aamir takes his transistor off. *avert your eyes* LOL!

I have to admit… I've been enjoying Hrithik's silly Bang Bang challenges. And I'm even happier now that I found out there's a pretty good chance I'll get to see the film this weekend!! Wish me luck that everything works out!!

I've been listening to Kumail Nanjiani's The X-Files Files podcast and really enjoying it--especially this last episode with producer Steve Asbell. He just had some interesting things to say about making these big budget "popcorn" movies and how they can make a lot of money but they don't stick around, culturally, unless there is a distinct vision behind them. Of course a distinct vision doesn't mean something will succeed but the stuff that does hit MASS APPEAL is at the sweet spot between commercial and artistic. Like a Dabangg or a Guardians of the Galaxy.

Now that I'm typing it, it seems really trite but I was nodding along as they were discussing it. Oh, man. Well, we all know I'm firmly of the opinion that it's the human element that makes things stick around. Big special effects extravaganzas are great… once. Then everyone moves on. It's like the difference between Avatar and Titanic. Two equally dumb, equally vapid, equally massive hit movies but Titanic has stuck around because people connected with the human element and you NEVER hear anybody bring up Avatar anymore.

I'm hoping Bang Bang gives us a human connection--more Dhoom 2/Dhoom 3/Krrish 3 than Race or something, if you know what I mean.


odadune said...

Glad you might be getting to see Bang Bang! :) We are reportedly getting the final song picturization tomorrow along with possibly the "rockstar" number from Shaukeens. Fun times.

odadune said...

...I sit corrected. The shaukeens song releasing tomorrow is the booze and beachwear number

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