Friday, October 17, 2014

Click "like" if this got you high!

Happy almost weekend!! I'll be up in New York city for one last belated birthday blow out. Hey, you only turn 35 once. (Unless you're a certain one of my aunties but never mind!)

Here, please enjoy this tiny clip of this adorable half-Pakistani/half-Japanese kid with a beautiful voice named Masuda Ryo. (He's on the far right.)

I'm surprised nobody from the entertainment feeding frenzy press has dug him up for a listicle or something yet. A half-Pakistani kid on TV in Japan? That's pretty noteworthy, no?

And "Manali Trance" song and picturization are pretty darn good! Although, I have to kind of shake my head in amusement at the anything but subtextual drug references. I must be getting old. LOL!

"High on life" you mean?! LOL!!! Very edgy, Zee Music Intern who put this together. Very edgy.


Apex said...

clicks *like*
"I'll be up in New York city for one last belated birthday blow out."
hope u have a gr8 time and give us an update of the 'blowout"--live if possible -- arent we demanding eh

odadune said...

Have fun in New York! Always best to spin out the birthday celebrations as long as possible. :)

Lisa is the main reason I'm rooting for the Shaukeens to do somewhat well-it seems a shame to let someone that charismatic languish on the sidelines of the film industry, while every character actor and his dog attempts to launch their daughters as heroines, and YRF lures in an endless cycle of girl-next-door types, chews up their self-image and then spits them back out.

As for the Manali Trance lyrics...well Yo Yo wrote them, and I'm not actually sure he's familiar with the concept of subtext. I'm enough of a square to where my favorite Shaukeens picturization is the pretty but unimaginatively named Meherbani. :)

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