Thursday, September 25, 2014

Well, Ali Baba had those 40 thieves...

A big thanks for ksana for reminding me that Alibaba aur 40 chor existed. Ah, Hema Malini, living proof that talent is not hereditary.

I'm always so torn over Ali Baba, though. Not in that film, specifically, which I haven't seen, but in general. You see, I adore fairy tales but as much as I love the 'exotic' story of "Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves" itself, it frustrates me to no end how the West just accepts it as an "Arabic"--or sometimes "Indian"--story and representative of all culture "over there," a vast region stretching from the eastern border of Israel all the way up to China, full of brown people, sand, hammer pants, turbans, despots, beheadings, etc.

Exotic is all well and good but not if we conflate it with reality. I see this all the time in the various Internet circles I travel in--and on both sides. America is an exotic place to many people. I'm always charmed to see a Japanese pop star really into the Rolling Stones or an Indian hero who digs American speed metal or something… but then I'm sad that America's global cultural export machine only sends the WORST IMAGES of us out into the world. People are surprised when they come here and the streets aren't paved with luxury brands and drugs, black people don't murder them, white women aren't prancing around in bikinis and flinging themselves at every man who passes by. That we have a lot of poverty, hunger, willful ignorance, brutal daily violence, religion, kindness, openness, acceptance, and people of all shades and all shapes and sizes.

Also, this American can make a mean apple pie.

I don't know where I'm going with this. I overturned a giant mug of coffee earlier and never made another pot so if what I'm saying makes no sense just ignore and enjoy Hema and Zeenat!

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Apex said...

this Netflix survey confirms my thoughts --How not many care bout spoilers anymore...

Ps: somehow I'm not a big fan of zeenat,., prefer Babi

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