Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday… sometimes I wonder why I bother.

Oops, sorry, friends. I'm running a bit late this morning. I wanted to catch up with last week's Music Station and then got distracted with other things. I didn't have much to say anyways, since I can't make it through more than 15 seconds of that Shahid making out with Shradda song picturization from Haider without dying of secondhand embarrassment. I miss the days of no kissing… or at least the days of "don't put kissing EVERYWHERE." There's one Emraan Hashmi and that's all we need, thanks.

I've been debating writing something up on two mega-J-Pop acts coming stateside in the fall. I don't know if they'll break through to the mainstream media and I'm kind of dreading if they do. It's an odd feeling since I do want people to like what I like but I've almost given up with explaining Bollywood. People will just see what they see in 3 minute bursts of LOL on youtube. There was an article linked by the NYAFF about the "crazy" world of Bollywood the other day and it was all like "Wacky! Mard! Disco Dancer! OTT!" and… like, I get it. I enjoy crazy stuff, too, but when that's the ONLY depiction it just feels so reductive.

It's the same with J-Pop. There's this GIANT history of give-and-take with the audience but it gets reduced to LOL!

One of my fave idol acts is doing a giant 15th anniversary concert in Hawaii (SO CLOSE YET SO FAR! *cries*) and the I just know that if it gets picked up in the American press, the emotion wrapped up in them (and us) having come so far together is going to be reduced to, "30-something Japanese One Direction-Type Boy Band Plays to Crying Girls in Stadium. LOL! What Will Japan Think Of Next?! They Aren't Even Cute!"

One of their recent hits is "Guts," an inspiring song which features some catchy baseball themed choreography:

GUTS! Mステ140502 by amnos_s

There is almost literally no context for this in the contemporary American pop sphere. The visually catchy dance step that everybody knows, the universal appeal, the non-personal lyrics about trying your best, the earnestness, the lack of cool…

Later this fall Perfume is hitting New York and LA for their first North American tour. I bought my tickets back in June on the first day they were available. Perfume is--going back to my thoughts on Friday--a dance group, first and foremost. Their songs are tied up in their intricate visual choreography but I'm afraid that part won't be clear to the Western arts types trying to write about them.

Perfume are not idols. They are NOT idols and do not trade on their personal lives. Perfume sing but their primary pop appeal is the intricate three-part choreography. They way they use their bodies is pure delight to watch. Again, non-personal lyrics.

The dance is important. One more reason Taylor Swift's recent song and video "Shake it off" (?) pissed me off so much. Why be so proud of FAILING AT EVERY DANCE?! That's the American "autheniticism." Dancing is "fake." Ugh. Well, I was listening to "Palat Tera Hero Idhar Hai" while walking into work yesterday and it took all my self control not to do that pelvic thrust step Varun does… take that, Authenticism Scolds!!


Tiffany Jones said...

I do love Perfume. I enjoy them 1398546790% every time I see them. And I loved the RARE VSA they are on I still love Chocolate Disco. I have so any feels about so many things. its just hard to define.

Apex said...

"Shahid making out with Shradda song picturization from Haider without dying of secondhand embarrassment. I miss the days of no kissing"--agree; is that the 'making out' song is within the bark of a tree !! Wierd location though the songs fine. Not a fan of shahid & find shraddha unappealing & inane

Btw the 'happy new year' promos have been poor to underwhelming. But jus briefly saw a promo that's better --sorta cute --will check it out later
'Manwa laage' something --do check it out n opine cheers

odadune said...

I thought the near-kissing parts of Khul Kabhi Toh were tastefully done, but I would have preferred more horsing around in the snow to the bedroom scenes (always boring in a picturization) and a piece of music that wasn't a load of emo twaddle.

I rather liked SRK/DP in the Manwa Laage video, as kind of a sweet-but-strong young thing/lovable not-so-young scoundrel pairing (see also: the picturizations from Rowdy Rathore and Kick). But the song itself is awful and the picturization overall is very dull.

odadune said...

On the way the media of Amreeka treats other people's pop culture, I don't know what to tell you.

You're very good at educating people, FG, but some point, the stress and aggravation for you outweighs any benefit to the culture at large, and only you can know where that point is. Good luck, whatever you decide to do.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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