Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Montage! A sports training MONTAGE!

Ungli trailer…

Man, I don't know. I love Kangana and all but this got a big yawn from me. Maybe it's just because I tried watching D-Day last weekend and got SO BORED with it. Heist movies are great and all but it feels like we've been swamped with them and none of them are actually SAYING much of anything.

Of course, as Asim always points out, this could just be the fault of the trailer so I may keep an eye on this one but… another heist movie in and of itself doesn't really get my interest.

There has to be some other hook, whether it be sizzling chemistry or meta-commentary or something. Style is fine and all but how many training montages and/or slow-motion walking can an audience take?

Speaking of how much crap an audience can take, D-Day started so promisingly but I just tuned out the moment the action switched to Irrfan Khan doing his wide-eyed "serious ACtor" schtick. Sometimes I feel like he just copy-pasted his Salaam Bombay performance into a career...


Kimberly Tully said...

Sad that you didn't like D-Day (one of my favorites of the last few years), but a valid response to Irrfan Khan, for sure. Did you get to the heartbreaking sequence with the "Alvida" song? No spoilers, but it was incredibly tough to watch, yet haunting. Also made me uncomfortable because of the artistically rendered violence against women. This role suited Arjun Rampal perfectly and it was fun to watch Huma Qureshi be all kick ass. After watching her in Dedh Ishqiya and Luv Shuv Chicken Kuranna, she's one of my favorite newbies.

Re: Ungli. Can't stand Emraan and still don't trust all of Kangana's film choices. I respect her for taking chances, especially because I think she's still producers' second choice heroine, but Revolver Rani was really kind of stupid.

Yunus Perveez said...

yeah something about the Ungli trailer turned me off too. Just the social do-gooder aspect seemed so Munnabhai and Rang De Basanti. Also don't understand why there is parkour in this (which is also so passe) Feels very stale to me TBH


Apex said...

"Irrfan Khan doing his wide-eyed "serious ACtor" schtick. Sometimes I feel like he just copy-pasted his Salaam Bombay performance into a career..."
Hahaha that comment needs a pat on the back (& more)
I've always felt irrfan is a v good actor but an over rated one (though less over rated than nawaazuddin siddiqui)

This may sound blasphemous to u and many others but somehow there are some who seem to suddenly get a birthright entitlement to being a gr8 by a couple odd special perfomances
To heck with such 'experts' though ...

The only irrfan performance that really moved me was namesake. It was a brief one & Mira Nair should get equal credit for that last scene of his ...

I will take manoj bajpais epic sardar khan in gow1 over anything both of them have ever done

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