Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy Monday!!!

Is there anything nicer than a kitty passed out on my lap and a piping hot cup of coffee?! Why, yes, there is! I'm talking about Varun Dhawan in Main Tera Hero, which I watched over the weekend!

*whistle whistle*

And now I totally understand everybody who thought Ileana was underwhelming in the film. She just looks really listless and her face is all pinched and wan… as if she spent the entire filming getting over a nasty bout of food poisoning or something. I mean, seriously, the only appropriate reaction to Varun comes from the heroine's best friend at just before the one minute mark:

I tried writing a review but got stuck on what--if anything--I wanted to say beyond *whistle whistle* I'll try to think about it some more today and see what pops in my head. I will also add that I was totally blown away by Arijit Singh's vocals! I don't think I've heard him before. I went to iTunes to see what else he'd done and it was a bunch of soundtracks from movies I've avoided so… yeah. I'm impressed! He's got a bit of that Atif Aslam tone but more "emotive" in an acty way somehow.

For any body interested, you can rent this one from youtube and it's totally worth paying for. Now if I can find Humpty Sharma, that's the Varun trilogy complete and I'll have to wait for Badlapur (?) which is a film I'd have zero interest in otherwise… well, maybe not. Wikipedia says Radhika Apte! But Yami is soooo mediocre. Ugh.


Apex said...

Haha that's where girl and guy tastes 'diverge'
Haven't seen main tera hero either but it boasts of an interesting pair of heroines --(no pun)
Both nargis and ileana are those those gals who don't have to DO anything worthwhile --they jus have to be IE EXIST lol (Esp nargis-loved her in rockstar!)
Yeah yeah they both can't act or emote but who cares..tbh
Btw watched a few song promos of MTH
the problem with Varun is that he looks like a COOLTARD (though lately he seems to have shown promise). My views may change if I watch MTH
As for ileana --(for unknown reasons)I really liked her in this track
Lyrics Courtesy google --
O kare dil tujhko invite
Ho saari night besharmi ki height

odadune said...

Badlapur's supposed to have a 90s-style rain dance involving Varun and Huma; I can't say that I have any huge interest in its existence otherwise.

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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