Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Growl… Tiger Wednesday! Or is it?!

Some INTENSE Hrthik action in this promo. Anupama looks like she's going to faint from closeness. Not that I blame her. I've only met Hrithik once--when he was in New York promoting Kites--but I have to say that this intensity is 100% real and 100% overwhelming in person. The man is… Hrithik Roshan.

Nothing much to say today other than I was catching up with some Rajeev Masand gossips on Open Magazine and, just, that guy is such a douchebag. My favorite part is always the comments. This latest one had Rajeev hinting that Sid was sleeping around with A BILLION LADIES and the comments were all like, "LOL WAT HE'S DATING KARAN JOHAR AND WE ALL KNOW IT." I should probably admit at this point that I actually read a trashy novel recently that apparently was based on One Direction (except I didn't realize it at the time) but one of the plot points was the band's management covering up one of the member's true sexuality by spreading around rumors of womanizing--even though there was no photographic evidence. *cough*

See, this is what Filmi Girls get up to when we're not reading about 1960s gonzo art music and the philosophy of language usage… we read novels based on boy bands.

But, you guys, I'm really dying to find out what the response to Happy New Year is going to be because the promos are super underwhelming. Is this really a Farah Khan picture? *yawn*

And, speaking of Dippy, I want to erase every Finding Fanny promo, too. Just the words "Finding" and "Fanny" are like nails on a chalkboard. Dimple's ass is NOT inherently hilarious. Plus, I feel more and more that Arjun Kapoor is the new Imran Khan. A mediocre-to-wooden actor that everybody seems to like well enough on a personal level and who's drifting along in the hype machine.

Anyways… I just spent way too long trying to find Tiger Shroff's Michael Jackson tribute video which SaReGaMa has NOT MADE AVAILABLE TO STREAM IN THE US (because of copyright violations for music, I'm just assuming). So I'll leave you with this for your Wednesday.


odadune said...

Fwiw, Arjun strikes me as smarter about his film career and dumber about everything else than Imran (whose USP seems to be that he's a remarkably well-adjusted human being for the line of work that he's in). More of an unusually hairy Saif Ali Khan.

I liked the trailer for HNY, but the song promos haven't done a lot for me. Can't figure why SRK is so wedded to Vishal Shekhar, when their work for this movie has been so relentlessly blah. Are they getting revenge on him for bringing YoYo into CE?

Apex said...

Share the liking for hritik -simple uncomplicated & hard working, no machinations...(wasn't a fan of his ex/coke addict tho!)
"Just the words "Finding" and "Fanny" are like nails on a chalkboard."-- haha egg-jacktly, we see a bunch tryin to be so cool..but ending up lookin like hyperjerks -
The film may have something worthwhile though --since I looooved cocktail--more on that later maybe (shudder!)
Agreed on Imran & arjun as well...
Btw people what's your take on Jen law & k stews (& others') fappening scandal--to express solidarity and support for the gals I am boycotting all websites dishing up 'leaked' stuff -- my fullest sympathies with the girls but for gods sake y the heck they needed to put up their precious commodities on iCloud of all places ?

Snobby SydneySider said...

OMG. I am totally addicted to Masand's column and his blind items I confess, altho most of them are pretty easy peasy to figure out! What do you think of Anupama Chopra's new internet show? I preferred her on The Front Row. Have also been surprised by her movie ratings lately which I think have become a tad too generous. I was surprised that she gave 3* to Mary Kom and 4* for Finding Fanny TBH.

Apex said...

@sydneysider --good points; actually I personally don't give any weightage to anupama chopra at all.
She gushes like a school girl with some big 'stars' and her 'Hollywood fixation' is not a problem but it's the contexts she comes up with that are problematic. She's a pleasant dignified woman but don't consider him to be a cineaste of any unique perspective or voice.

Ps: I haven't seen Mary kom-how is it folks..
Has PC indeed delivered the deadly (acting) blow she's been threatening to deliver for a while?

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