Thursday, September 18, 2014

Can I Kill Dil? Now? Can I do it now? Are you really going to make me wait for Chi Chi?!

I've been thinking about Odadune's comment from the other day, how you need both directors AND actors to take physical comedy and other entertainments seriously or else they won't work. I think that's one of the reasons I found Entertainment so charming, despite its flaws and low production values. Sajid-Farhad are never looking down on the audience. And say what you will about Rohit Shetty, but I get the same vibe from his films.

There's a trick in mass filmmaking to balancing what the audience wants/expects to see with what the directors and writers and heroes/heroines want to do. When it works, you've got Sholay or Mr. India and when it doesn't… well, hello, passion-project flops like Joker, and hello, crass lowest common denominator schlock like Humshakals.

Which brings me to Kill Dil. The trailer looks sharp and nicely unironic and I love the casting but… it is a Shaad Ali film. I'll be very curious to see what--if any--lessons he learned from the failure of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, a film I remember as being overly smug in its meta-narrative tone and, worse, just plain boring.

If Kill Dil aims for a Bunty aur Babli level of meta-madness with a big dose of heart, plus a dash of the "modern" masala throwback style, I'll have nothing to complain about.


chandra kant said...
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chandra kant said...

this chick knows her bollywood!! since how long have u been following "bollywood"??

Apex said...

Hey dude---that's no way to talk to filimigirl !!
U better be more polite eh,,,,

Btw FG--good to see u mention and acknowledge 'odadune' who faithfully and loyally responds to every of your posts. She deserves more credit and infact all commenters on your blog do lol

Anyhow --just watched this briefly
Let's let go of the hangups and go with the flow
What better way to pay a 'tribute' to MJ in a cruise -Diaz remake by hritik -Kat
Love all of these people
Will comment more on this later
Freak out

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