Thursday, September 4, 2014

A very Thursday good morning to you!

So… Priyanka Chopra in and as Mary Kom, huh? I'll just drop Deepanjana Pal's review here for you.

And then a hilarious interview with Ms. In and As herself:

You are judged quite a lot…

Priyanka: That’s because I am opinionated and I put myself out there. Yes, a zillion people love me and that’s what’s kept me going, but it hurts when people forget that a celebrity is not a commodity.

Oh, a full zillion? I hadn't realized it was so many. I'm surprised she can hear my sniping above the din of their affirmations. Seriously, though… she does have a point but I would counter that anybody making a career in the public eye is fair game for analysis, whether it's Beyonce or Priyanka Chopra. I listened to an interesting podcast on the Beyonce brand of "feminism" and a similar conversation could be had around Ms. Piggy Chops. Is she to be blamed for playing to win at Bollywood--whether it be snagging primo "female-oriented" roles that have serious issues with ethnicity or changing her face to suit beauty standards? What is PC's level of responsibility to those outside of herself?

My favorite part of the interview is this exchange:

Talking about criticism, we hear you interfered in every aspect of Mary Kom, the film…

Priyanka: One counter question. When men do it, do you guys laud them?

No, we don't.

Priyanka: When a hero does it, he is applauded but when a heroine does it, it is called interference.

First of all, no. And second of all, she clearly ignores when the reporter is also like, "No, we trash heroes who do it all the time. Hello, that's always the biggest complaint against Aamir."

And yet, and yet.

I do find it harder to snipe at PC for playing to win at all costs after reading about young actress Shweta Basu Prasad who was caught in a prostitution sting. Her quotes are gloriously unapologetic.

"I have made wrong choices in my career, and I was out of money. I had to support my family and some other good causes. All the doors were closed, and some people encouraged me to get into prostitution to earn money. I was helpless, and with no option left to choose, I got involved in this act. I'm not the only one who faced this problem, and there are several other heroines who have gone through this phase," Shweta said in her statement.

The real awful part is that now nobody will hire Shweta to act again ever while the dudes paying her don't even have their names mentioned in the papers and are certainly not losing their jobs. The glamor industry is expensive. Perhaps even more so on the outskirts. You need new frocks, fancy hair treatments, gym memberships… Keeping up the appearance of success because nobody hires losers as heroines and art films don't pay the bills.

Was it the best choice she could have made? Probably not, but Shweta as an individual is not the problem here. Turn the camera around at all the men (and it is ALL the men… or at least 95% of them) in the industry who act like women are commodities ripe for the taking and then we'll talk.

Perhaps the most honest piece on the whole incident is Mid-Day's round up of former child stars that places Shweta in context with the Slumdog kids and some other Masters, one of whom founded an IT company in the US.


JIIVA!!!!!!! I'm digging it!

This trailer for Shattered Romance is better than half the movies I've seen. ALL DRAMA!

Then songs!

I. cannot. wait. for. Bang Bang.



HAAAA! Some of the WORST dancers in Bollywood gathered together in a picturization. Shahrukh, Abhishek, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood… sure, making them dance is GREAT PR for a dance film. What could go wrong?

"Mamacita" from Super Junior. AHHH! So catchy! And I love the faux-Western theme!


Kimberly Tully said...

That song from Happy New Year is like a best of the 90s and 00s reel. Cliches abound and not in a good way. Plus the terrible dancing. SRK used to be great fun to watch, but now he just looks like he's trying way too hard.

The song from Bang Bang is absolutely gorgeous...could be one of the best romantic songs in years (at least visually). The song itself is kind of forgettable and I just can't see the chemistry between these two. There's a moment when they're sitting on the ground and he's looking of in the distant and he looks like his own wax statue: vacant. His mannerisms seem forced, too. The Tu Meri song looked a lot better, but I'm managing my expectations on this one.

Kimberly Tully said...

"off in the distance" hit post too fast

Apex said...

"I'm not the only one who faced this problem, and there are several other heroines who have gone through this phase," Shweta said in her statement." --- hmmm wonder who all she is alluding to ....any guesses?

As for the bang bang song meharbaan--could watch only bits n bobs but agree with FG & Kimberley --
It's 'gorgeous' ...

on the location but I thought I saw parts of santorini, maybe FIra and perhaps bits of Rhodes

-it's apparent that the lead pair doesn't want to be seen as being too 'intimate' (due to different / obvious reasons currently for both hritik & katrina)
But there are a few close ups that give it away
There IS chemistry here lol

Will check it again properly ...soon

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