Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday is coming, coming!

So many good intentions, so little time. Also, it's really hard to type with a sleepy, contented cat sprawled on my lap.

First of all, today, this really charmed me:

Okay, sure, neo-Bunty aur Babli, yes, but I like Richa Chadda and Nikhil Dwivedi is pleasingly gormless.

But the second thing I have for you today is this episode of On Point where poor-stand-in-for-Tom-Ashbrook Jane Clayson talks to author Jim Davies about his book "Riveted," about what keeps us "riveted" to certain forms of entertainment. I just thought the concept was… riveting. Heh.

The main thesis is it takes both strong patterns and deviation from the pattern to hold our attention. But there was also a nice line about how great works of art are ones that offer something new each time you view them. For me, all of those put together are the appeal of a good masala film. I love the strong pattern recognition in a good masala film. One of my favorite beats in Entertainment was when Akshay finds a picture of his father with his two cousins--played by Sonu Sood and Prakash Raaj--and says, "They look like villains." HA!!!!

One of the main reasons Western film-types find it hard to understand masala is they haven't learned the patterns. You have to have seen enough films to just know Pran or Sonu Sood or Ranjeet is the bad guy.

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