Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday Two-fer.

Quick note, Kick review is almost done! I should have that up for you soon--if anybody cares anymore. Although it does seem like there are plenty of handwringing posts in certain media outlets insinuating (by which I mean flat-out stating) that Salman Khan fans are idiots and his films are Everything Wrong With Indian Cinema and etc. So maybe people still do care.


Okay, I got chills watching this. I know some people were put off by the trailer because of the subject matter but, honestly, I feel like Mardaani is trying to flip the script on the typical--and quite frankly, voyeuristic and fetishistic (I'm looking at you Nagesh Kukunoor--depictions of human trafficking. Everything I've seen from the Mardaani promos focuses more on Rani kicking ass and taking out the bad guys rather than victimized women. This song promo is no exception. The verses have us seeing glimpses of the abuse the girls are suffering and the choruses have Rani hunting down the bad guys and kicking their asses.

I love it! GO RANI GO!

If she wasn't married already, I'd be sending her an invite to Washington, D.C.

I love her press snippets, too.

"Films made by legendary filmmakers like Raj Kapoor, Yash Chopra, Sanjay Leela Bhansali have strong female protagonists, but you don't call it women centric film. If you see a female doing a title role and the film does not have a strong A-list actor then the mindset is it is a women centric film.

BOOM! Calling out the lazy labeling! It's so true and there's always the stench of second-best on anything labeled "woman-centric." The unspoken part being, "Well, it's pretty good… for a woman."

And speaking of the stench of second-best, why is the M.A.D.: Mad About Dance trailer framed this way?!

I love dance films. I love "put on a show" films. I love underdog films and ham-fisted "overcoming racism" films. I could be 100% behind this but why is it framed like, "Ew, that 'Indian' dancing is terrible." What is the point of mocking the 'dancing around trees' style of picturization except to shame people who enjoy it?

Sigh. Come on, M.A.D.! I'll give you a chance if I have a chance to watch this because it looks spectacularly cheesy but still. "Dancing around trees" is nothing to make fun of!

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