Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday can kiss my… oh, can't say that with British readers around, can I?

Good morning, friends!! I'm so sorry I missed you yesterday. I'm not sure if you saw my tweet but I had been feeding my parents' cats over the weekend and needed to drive over to their place early Monday morning to beat the rush hour traffic. The highway certainly looks different at 5:30am… but who are all these people up and going to work then?!

Anyhow, there has been some sad news that Robin Williams has died and it might have been suicide. This may not surprise you but Robin Williams's style of acting--as well as his film choices--were not to my taste. In fact, I tended to actively avoid his work as much as possible.
However, that doesn't mean I don't sympathize with everybody grieving today; I felt much the same when my comedy hero Rik Mayall passed away earlier this year. It's just like a punch to the gut, realizing somebody who gave you so much happiness is now gone.

I do hope that Williams's death doesn't get whitewashed like Phil Hartmann's has. I think it's important to keep the conversation going about topics like suicide and depression. I was quite taken aback to hear reference to Hartmann having "passed away" in some promo for something--possibly the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Simpsons--when he didn't just peacefully "pass away" but was murdered by his wife who had chronic drug problems. I don't know… it feels almost disrespectful to leave out the nuance of his death, as if Hartmann just floated away up to heaven for no reason. But then I remember vividly when Hartmann died because I was working at my dad's office that summer and when he came to pick me up to drive home, he had a sad look on his face and broke the news to me with all the gravity of a senior Simpsons/SNL/comedy fan to a junior one.

And then again, my family is one who passed around the Chris Farley biography, "The Chris Farley Show," and all cried our eyes out. It was a cathartic experience, actually, even if I had to read the final chapters at work (on my lunch break) so that I wouldn't sob too much.

Tragedy in comedy; comedy in tragedy. The masala of life?

There's a post in this somewhere.

Since I've already rambled at you let me update you a bit--my hellish season at work is over for the time being. Hopefully I'll be able to devote some more mental energy to writing reviews during the next few weeks. I have two half-written just sitting in my Google docs and I would like to write something on the Star Son/Daughter Works Program that was Aurangzeb because, wow, that film was full of useless star sons/and a daughter. If that is the best Arjun Kapoor has to offer then I feel justified in my continuing avoidance of his films. The boy has all the dramatic and actor-ial deftness of a Zayed Khan. Yeesh. I started actively cheering for evil uncle Chintu about halfway through because all the youngsters were so STUPID.

What I'm trying to say is Finding Fanny promos do not have me in raptures.

Let me leave you with a few odds and ends: An interview with Siddharth:

I’ve always fortunately had a lot of work in the South – one can be a main career (South films) and one, a hobby; and Mumbai, for me, was a hobby. Bollywood for me is not a priority and I’ve extreme disrespect for people who think Bollywood is a step up from the South.

I'm REALLY looking forward to watching Jigarthanda and I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the Tamil remake of Lucia.

And apparently Irrfan is refusing to promote Haider, which is fair enough since he doesn't have a lead role but just because it's Irrfan I can't help but imagine a pompous undertone to his decision. Like, why make a big deal about it except to make a point like Bipasha was doing with Humshakals? Unless he does have a point and that point is: ATTENTION IRRFAN FANS IRRFAN DOES NOT HAVE A LEAD ROLE IN HAIDER AND SO THEREFORE WON'T WASTE HIS TIME ON PROMOTIONS

Okay, okay, it's not really a big deal but I enjoy zinging Irrfan. The man can sure act but, gosh darn if his off-screen persona isn't just really annoying.

Calling Johnny Tri Nguyen fans…!

Have a party song! Janelle Monae showing you how the party song is done properly. Don't you want to dive in and start dancing?!


odadune said...

Robin Williams didn't do a lot for me either (except for a very brief childhood crush on Mork), but I ended up seeing a certain amount of his 90s work just because he was in the kind of lowbrow entertainers that I tend to end up going to with friends and family. So there's some shock value for me, and also some sympathy with his family. Depression is a terrible thing to live or die with, and suicide can be a terrible burden for the surviving family members.

And yeah, Fanny Re is doing a brilliant job of living down to my expectations.

Will definitely enjoy your reviews, whenever you have the time and energy for them. Thank you for continuing to blog. :)

Thelondongirl said...

Robin Williams passing hit me just because I know how hard depression is and how bleak it can be for the sufferer. I really feel for him and his family. As usual, there were the prats online carping on about selfishness and whatnot. The dialogue about mental illness has'nt changed much in the last ten years and there should be some kind of englightenment but I think people (some at least) feel more comfortable placing blame then dealing with the reality that depression is more common than the common cold.
On another point: Here I am clicking expecting some fighting talk about us Brits and nothing, crickets. Whats all that about? You know thats fighting talk where I'm from right? lol. I am beginning to concur with you that Irrfan is a complete twat. Just stick to speaking lines and leave the rest to the PR folks isn't that how they do it in your beloved Hollywood Irrfan?

eliza bennet said...

I feel sorry for Robin Williams and God rest his soul in peace but I didn't like him as an actor and I too actually avoided some films because he is in it.

Today must be the day I agree with every single thing you wrote

"but just because it's Irrfan I can't help but imagine a pompous undertone to his decision. "


I don't even like his acting that much (Lunchbox) anymore.

Filmi Girl said...

@TheLondonGirl I was going to make a comment about Finding Fanny but the difference in meaning between American and British English over the word "fanny" had me demurring. ;)

And thank you for the nice comments, Odadune and Eliza. :) It's hard sometimes to write but I'm glad to know I'm talking with such lovely people~ :))

Apex said...

"the difference in meaning between American and British English over the word "fanny" had me demurring. ;)"
Haha totally agree with u filmigirl--spot on
Infact I was wondering the same during. A conversation with some knowledgable filmi chicks but I chose to stay mum for the fear of being misunderstood
But u became my voice --cheers :-)

Ps: RIP robin Williams
Tho I've never been his fan--infact haven't watched his flicks --there was something in his face & antics begging for attention. --sorry to say that at this stage though...
God bless his soul --may he find peace that eluded him on earth...

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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