Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday Mini-Rant… Who ARE you dating?

Good morning!! I'm feeling MUCH better today! And I had the chance to talk with my buddy Asim from uPodcast all about Kick! Hopefully you can listen to that soon. We had a good chat. I think we only really disagreed on one point--I find Nargis's presence infuriating and Asim doesn't mind her. And, better yet, we agreed on which three films we are NOT looking forward to. I'll let you guess which ones while you wait…

Just a quick thought today as I was browsing through the trade papers, is it me or is there something really creepy about all these old guys feeling outraged that young actresses won't confirm who they are/aren't dating?

I mean, really Subhash K Jha? REALLY? You feel personally outraged that Katrina and Anushka won't tell you who they are dating?

And then Rajeev Masand referring to Dippy and Anushka's "good friends" in quotes in his column. Are you twelve? Is this junior high?

Here's a thought: it's none of our business who these women are dating.

I'm not saying I don't enjoy gossip as much as the next person but isn't that what anonymous Internet message boards are for? There's something so gross and just demeaning about these guys like Rajeev and Subhash--whose opinions on films we are supposed to take seriously, by the way--getting all up in 20-year old Alia Bhatt's romantic life.

I'm currently making my way through a book of unique Japanese words and one of them is けじめ (kejime) which is not only a rocking song by 1980s heartthrob Matchy but in part it means respecting boundaries between things, between work and play, between public and private. There's something to learn from this, especially in this social media-driven-news-cycle world. Why shouldn't actresses be able to have something private, something kept separate from the prying eyes of old industry uncles?

Are the uncles mad because they are missing marketing opportunities?

"Now dating and appearing in a film together…" That's the only reason I can think of that it would matter, except just a feeling of ownership of actresses. Strange how nobody is up in Varun or Sid's business, it's Alia and Sonakshi and the ladies they care about, right? (Well, the ladies and Salman Khan.) Do we still feel a woman's worth is tied-up in who she pairs herself with? The men can date anybody and it won't change their value but a woman, well, who she is "giving herself" to… that changes everything?

Obviously, actresses should expect some gossip. It comes hand-in-hand with the job. People are naturally curious! But the sense of entitlement and, in some cases, outrage from these old guys is just… creepy and gross. "JUST ADMIT YOU ARE DATING!" WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH?!

So, if Deepika and Katrina and Anushka are taking a page from Salman Khan's book and just not saying anything about their private lives, more power to them, I say. That's my two cents, anyways.

I wonder if there's a book on unique Hindi words, like aam aadmi and izzat.

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