Friday, August 15, 2014

It's still entertainment!

This morning I was still thinking about Entertainment and how pleasant the romance subplot was. The "Tera Naam Doon" picturization just captures so much of Akshay and Tamannah's easy-breezy chemistry. And there's something so refreshing about it. I was trying to place my finger on exactly what--it's not just that they're comfortable with each other but the characters are just very comfortable and content in their relationship. Romantic love isn't the main focus of their lives, though they clearly love each other. There was just so little… drama around the romance. I really enjoyed it.

(I think my favorite part of the song is where he bites her ear. It feels so much more intimate and sexy than piles of "lip locks" or simulated sex scenes from "bolder" and "realistic" films. To me, at least. And you can watch it with your mum in the room.)

Entertainment was just so… laid back and charming! The more I think about it, the happier I get. If Sajid-Farhad do Housefull 3, it will be a REAL treat. The Dhoom 3 of the Housefull series, I bet you.


Divya said...

Hi FG. Not entirely on topic but I would like to strongly recommend the movie Jigarthanda. I know you enjoyed Pizza and this movie is just as good if not slightly better. Karthik Subburaj is definitely some one to watch out for in the Tamil movie scene.

odadune said...

Agreed with you on liking drama-free romances; I remember reading a soundbyte from Tamannaah to the effect that "our characters are already in a relationship when the film starts, so we have some sweet scenes" and I was like, you know, a lot of these films that aren't primarily romantic dramas could stand to do stuff like that. (always found the Riteish/Lara marriage in Housefull cute).

Tera naam doon is one of my favorite romantic picturizations of this year (other two are Aaj Dil Shaayraana and Hangover). It feels more dynamic and playful than alot of things of that kind, and it's absolutely unashamed of what it is.

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