Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday Grab Bag...

Good morning, friends! I've been sitting on a handful of things and, poking around the Internet this morning, I found a few more bits to interest me. So, if it's okay with you, I'll just go ahead and dump everything in this post!

First of all, one of my favorite things about youtube subscriptions is you never know WHAT content is going to come floating down to you from say, Apiinternational. Content like all the songs from Kajol-starrer Minsara Kanavu in which, according to wikipedia, her character wants to become a nun.

Yes, THAT Kajol! I didn't realize how much I'd missed her…

Second up is this promo for Pepsi MTV Indies (there is so much wrong with that TV channel name but that's beside the point) featuring Kalki Koechlin.

It really struck me when the host guy is teasing her about being desi that she may be white but her body language and the way she talks are just really Indian. I love Kalki so I'm hoping her break-up with AK doesn't affect her career too much.

Thirdly, before we leave B-town behind, is Rajeev Masand snarking on Bebo:

Recently Kareena turned down Kahaani director Sujoy Ghosh’s Durga Rani Singh, a female-driven drama, and Shaitaan director Bejoy Nambiar’s next with Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar, which Vidhu Vinod Chopra will produce. Instead she reportedly expressed interest when they were considering her for the lazily-titled Akshay Kumar starrer Singh Is Bling. As it turns out, the makers wanted to go ‘younger’, so they dropped the idea of casting Kareena and have apparently cast Heropanti’s Kriti Sannon in her place.

UGH! The people we should be snarking are the producers who would cast the SUPER annoying Kriti Sannon instead of the divine Miss K! The heroine choice MATTERS in a film like that!! HEROINES MATTER! *waves Heroine No. 1 foam finger as she gets off soap box*

But to Rajeev's snark, so what? Maybe Bebo prefers to do light comedy over some heavy film; she's not obligated to do "serious" work. And let me preface this by saying that you all know I love Sujoy Ghosh and he is DEFINITELY miles (and miles) above any Bandar-car, but, to be fair, Bebo could still be feeling burned from the last "female-driven" prestige project she picked up. Not to mention her last "serious" film with Amitabh.

Fourthly is a promo for the Pulp concert DVD because… PULP! You don't know how much I used to love Pulp.

Pulp: a Film about Life, Death & Supermarkets UK TRAILER from Florian Habicht on Vimeo.

It went on sale… Monday? I think? The DVD is region 2 but if you are like me then your DVD player is either region free or keyed to region 2 anyways… because all I watch these days are imported DVDs. (Seriously, though, fuck that "region" shit. What's the point except to prevent consumers from buying content made for foreign markets? Oh, that IS the point.)

Even if I wasn't a massive Pulp fan, I love concert DVDs. I own quite a few but my favorites are the ones that try to capture a bit of the mood around an event, as well as the event itself. It's an underrated genre, at least here in the West. But for me… watching a good performance is magical. Any type of performance, actually, including by actual magicians. (See also my undying love of Penn & Teller.)

Fifthly is a blog post from my biggest girl crush Jessa Crispin that includes this bit on contemporary travel writing:

This isn't about shaming two travel writers, it's more that travel writing is in a very bad place. It seems to have divided into two camps, one where it's all about the self, the crazy thing that happened to me, and the exotic country is just dramatic backdrop. This camp is mostly populated by women. Then there is the colonial travel writer, who doesn't speak the language, has no real ties or sense of the history beyond a Wikipedia page, but comes back to tell people about how it is there. This camp is mostly populated by men. This is not because women are more self-involved or men are more chauvinist, it's because women writers are encouraged and groomed to write about certain things, and vice versa. Women are supposed to be self-reflective, men are supposed to be experts, that is just the way things are set up right now.

Basically, just yes. I used to be a travel-writing fanatic but nothing has caught my interest in years for both of these reasons. The last great travel book I read was probably… Tom Bissell's "Chasing the Sea" or maybe something from Tony Horwitz. If anybody has any recommendations, please feel free to share in the comments.

AND, lastly, if you have a moment, please check out a couple of pieces on my Grandfather, the artist! Here is a profile of him:

“I start with a scribble,” explains Baer. He pulls out a small stack of papers with lines swirled recklessly across them, eager to explain the Rorschach-test approach he uses to find his subject matter. “It’s like a crystal ball. I look into these scribbles,” says Baer. “What am I looking at? What does this bring to mind?”

And a piece on an exhibit of his cartoons!

If you like them, it would mean a lot to me if you could "like" his Facebook page. He taught me everything I know: how to read the index first, how to talk to anybody about anything, and how to follow areas of interest down a rabbit hole to somewhere unexpected. I would never have started writing without his influence.


odadune said...
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odadune said...

Okay, let's try this again, more briefly and hopefully with fewer typos....

Your grandfather sounds like an awesome guy, FG, and I really like the energy and personality he puts into those pictures at the link.

Minsara Kanavu: one of the first Indian films I saw; still own it and am very fond of it. The plot's a fairly standard courtship-by-proxy storyline that happens to be set among Tamil Catholics, but the leads are all very charming, there's comparatively little drama and angst, and the religious angle is handled with (IMO) dignity and intelligence. And Kajol was never lovelier.

Masand's being slightly disingenuous about Bebo's career choices. Every news item I saw had her weighing up the Sujoy Ghosh, Bejoy Nambiar, and Brahudheva projects equally, and in retrospect it seems clear that that her people were just using all three offers to leverage her chances at the Salman/Kabir Khan project. And honestly, what's wrong with snagging that project? Super-successful costar, respected director, a 99.9% guaranteed hit, probably better material for the heroine than most of the other Khan projects out there, if Ek Tha Tiger is anything to go by.

And the idea that there was any serious chance of Bebo taking up Singh Is Bling is total nonsense. A nondancer, who taped a segment for a recent Koffee With Karan episode declaring she would only work with Akshay again if he let her start work in the afternoon? With him and "Dancing Director" Prabhudheva? Wasn't gonna happen.

She wasn't "dropped for" Kriti Sanon in any meaningful sense; the casting announcement of Kriti came after the Bebo rumor had started to die down, and about a day or two after Priyanka's people felt the need to deny a completely nonexistent rumor about their client having been offered SIB-it was pretty clear what the producers were responding to in choosing to release that piece of news.

Filmi Girl said...

Thanks!! He is an awesome guy!

And thanks for the rundown on the Singh is Bling story. Masand twisting facts for his own ends?! I'm not shocked. ;PP I just don't get this SNOBishness and I suppose I never will. I agree that a Kabir Khan project is certainly nothing to sneeze at for any actress… Masand and the others need to get a clue. Or the media needs a more diverse range of opinions because this constant harping on popular films is REALLY annoying. But they keep doing it to assure themselves of their own importance, I assume.

She wasn't "dropped for" Kriti Sanon in any meaningful sense; the casting announcement of Kriti came after the Bebo rumor had started to die down, and about a day or two after Priyanka's people felt the need to deny a completely nonexistent rumor about their client having been offered SIB-it was pretty clear what the producers were responding to in choosing to release that piece of news.

^^ Ha! That gave me a laugh. But still… I suppose if anybody can make Kriti tolerable it'll be Prabhudeva.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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