Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday: Two Creatures That Need To Be Taken Down.

You guys!! The trailer for Creature 3D looks so bad! Bips looks wonderful, as always, but that monster…

See, this is where I get on my Old Lady Curmudgeon soap box and shake my fist at these young folks who never learned that NOT SEEING the monster is always scarier than seeing the monster. And it ages better, too.

I've been rewatching the X-Files along with Kumail Nanjiani's The X Files Files podcast and what's striking about these early episodes is how evocative and creepy they are without showing much of anything. It's all about the reaction and the atmosphere. That's also why the small budget Tamil film Pizza was so effective!! (And FWIW, the Hindi version appears to have taken none of the good stuff from the original.) I know there are people who WANT the CGI'ed monsters and robots and whatever and that's fine but to make that stuff look good takes a lot of money… money the makers of Creature 3D clearly don't have.

And even if it does look good NOW, it's going to be dated in a few years anyways. The reliance on CGI and all that crap instead of actors is one of the many reasons I've lost interest in mainstream American films. And I'm not the only one. I've come across a couple articles in the last few days from American outlets complaining about the same stuff I complain about in mainstream Hollywood and envying KOREAN films! I do enjoy Korean films, as well, although I've yet to see Snowpiercer, which is what most outlets are going gaga over. But speaking of monster movies, I remember going to see the Korean movie the Host in the theater and loving all the chills and thrills but even The Host was less about MONSTER OMG than the family drama taking place at the center of it.

I mean, Creature 3D does appear to have the welcome angle of Bipasha running around with a gun and being a single, successful businesswoman but… either the CGI needs to be better or the direction/editing needs to be better here.

Or maybe I need another cup of coffee.

(Also, where is that monster biting on the waiter at 1:11?! JEEZ MONSTER, ASK FIRST!)

And speaking of "I need more coffee for this," Asim from Upodcast (check out his London Indian Film Festival coverage!) passed this gem along to me yesterday:

Yes, that's right! Adhyayan Suman with his head so far up his own ass he can see daylight. It's worth watching to hear him blame audiences for the failure of Heartless and the media for his lack of a career. Although, he's not going to name names because THAT would be tacky. Does this guy really believe all this? I suppose he must or he'd have to face the fact that he's a mediocre actor whose lack of success is his own fault.

He must look at all the glowing reviews Kangana's been getting recently and just FUME.

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odadune said...

Creature makes me feel nostalgic-I used to watch stuff like that growing up. And Bips with a shotgun is definitely something the world could use more of. :)

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