Friday, July 18, 2014

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There's not much of interest to me in the news today but last night I went to dinner with a friend and we had a good time reminiscing over some of the melodramatic plots of 1990s films and bemoaning the lack of QUALITY evil uncles in films today. Remember when films were just larded with evil uncles? Where's the drama in a romance when the only thing keeping two lovers apart is the dude's immaturity? AKA EVERY Bollywood "romance" from the last ten years.

And aunties with big personalities. We need more of them, too. Jobs for Dimple, Ratna Pathak Shah, Lillette Dubey, REHKA…! It would be nice to see more casts with a big range of ages. Old people don't just want to watch old people; young people shouldn't just be watching young people's stories, you know.

Anyways, my friend and I had a good old time rehashing the plot of Aaina so, for your consideration, the trailer:


odadune said...

YES! Some days it seems like the character artist pool consists of Anupam Kher, the flavor of the month arthouse hero who's been invited to be a part of a few big-budget movies, the flavor of the month over-the-hill hero (past couple of years it's been Rishi, now all of a sudden it's Govinda) and a couple of matriarchs picked up from the serials.

And when we do get a project that's supposedly friendly to more mature artists, half the time it's something like Finding Fanny Fernandes, where, okay, I'm glad for the actors staying busy, having fun and working on something that will apparently be good for the bragging rights, but the trailer just makes me go what the "$&#$ is this and more importantly why the @#$*$ do you expect me to be impressed by it?"

And I don't begrudge that handful of character artistes the work, just wish there was enough work to keep more than just them busy. I really miss Gulshan Grover, although I gather that he's staying busy in theater and small arty films, so whatever makes him happy I guess.

And on a completely unrelated note, why do filmmakers refuse to cast age-appropriate people when they come available. The mother in Zoya's next film is surely not King Lear, who by the time you're biologically the right age you don't necessarily have the stamina for it anymore. So, why was Zoya going around offering the role to women like Madhuri, who would have had to have given birth to Ranveer's and Priyanka's characters when she was in high school if you go by everyone's chronological ages? Oh, yeah, and who's basically the same age as half Priyanka's onscreen love interests?

Filmi Girl said...

It's ironic, too, since Zoya did a really nice job with casting in Luck By Chance. You had Rishi, Juhi, Dimple… and then Hrithik, Konkona, Farhan, and then young Isha Sharvani.

I don't necessarily need kid actors everywhere but the narrowing of age range to either FILM FOR YOUNG PEOPLE or FILM FOR OLD PEOPLE is narcissistic, almost.

The world needs more Dimple Kapadia on screen and NOT in roles that make fun of her ass and I stand by that.

Thelondongirl said...

omg Aaina, isnt this why we are not inspired to write about film or even to comment, because who wants to see just one type of woman. arrrrg its so frustrating you get into it all and the it just drops of circa 2005. thank you for that. i freaking love aaina. why arent you in missouri so i could chat about this shit.. damn

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