Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Stop everything. THE HAIDER TRAILER IS HERE!!!!! (Also… ANJAAN!)

Pardon me for a moment while I flail wildly about how awesome this looks!!!!!!!

First of all, I love Shakespeare. I mean, I love love Shakespeare and will marry all the plays as soon as that's legalized here in the States. Hamlet has always been one of my favorites and while I do feel odd about seeing Tabu playing the (I'm assuming) Gertrude role, I do appreciate that (judging by the trailer) Tabu and Shahid have the appropriate, inappropriately oedipal chemistry that makes ANY production of Hamlet complete.

Also, that face-painty scene makes me hope for a song picturization along the lines of Vikram's epic Kodu Potta Konnu Podu from Raavanan. Post-Kareena Shahid is just… I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, YOU GUYS!!!! This trailer makes me so excited!!

How wonderful to have Shahid doing some Capital A "Acting" and tearing through scenery like it was a pile of vegetarian sausages! How wonderful to see TABU ON MY MOVIE SCREEN! How wonderful to have a melodramatic tragedy to look forward to!

Omkara and Maqbool were both such good films. I have high hopes that Haider will complete the trilogy.

There is something about Shakespeare that just fits so perfectly into the masala style of filmmaking. That mix of tragedy, comedy, romance, meandering side-plots, drama, war, politics… A ticket to Shakespeare is just, plain paisa vasool in a way that Bollywood doesn't really do anymore.

But speaking of things Bollywood doesn't know what to do with… DID WE ALL SEE THIS?!

WAILING GUITAR RIFFS?! SURIYA BEING A BADASS?! I've already bought ten tickets and then in comes Vidyut Fucking Jamwal, the guy that I cannot believe Bollywood is passing over as a hero in favor of fugly uncle's son, lazy producer's son, rapey-looking brother's cousin, and that guy who's one selling point is HE'S A KAPOOR.

Actually, I can believe it but it's utterly ridiculous they'd let this guy go. Well, Bollywood's loss is TAMIL FILMS GAIN! Go, Vidyut! Go! GO!

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