Friday, July 11, 2014

RIP Zohra Sehgal...

Zohra Sehgal passed away yesterday at 102. I don't have anything to say that others haven't said better. So…

Here's Deepanjana Pal:

Sehgal was loved and respected by the film industry, as the celebrity tweets mourning her passing show. Yet, sadly, no one wrote Sehgal that breakthrough lead role that she deserved. She was one of the rare actors who was versatile enough to slip effortlessly between tragedy and comedy. Yet, looking back at her career, no one gave her the kind of lead role that would have given her a chance to really showcase her talent. Sehgal would have made a marvellous, Indian Mrs. Marple, for instance, or the equivalent of James Bond's M, the head of MI6. No one wrote those roles, no one made those films.

And here is Zohra Sehgal at 100, an interview she did with ANI‘s Smita Prakash.

(This link has a great picture of Zohra tweeted by the Bandar-car.)

An early screen appearance in 1946's Dharti Ke Lal! (I love the gentleman who uploaded the video in honor of her 100th birthday titled it "100 Not Out." She completed her century and then some!)

Another early film has her in the audience watching two charming dancing girls.

And you can catch some still shots of Zohra in this reconstruction of a missing First Doctor, Doctor Who episode titled "The Crusade."

She was a feisty lady and a great talent and she will be very much missed.

Rest in peace, Zohra-ma'aam!

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odadune said...

RIP to a classic. She gave us so much of her time and talent, and yet we will miss her anyway.

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