Monday, July 7, 2014

Is it really Monday again?

I hope my fellow Americans had as a nice a weekend as I did! My sister was in town and we (and my brother and his wife) went to see 22 Jump Street, the first film I've seen in the theater in ages. Every once in a while Hollywood really nails it for me and both the Jump Street films are just really enjoyable. Part of it is the specific American-ness to them--jokes about frat douchebags loving pooka shell necklaces and whether backpacks are more cool worn over one or two shoulders ("Are you two-strapping it?")--and part of it is Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. Not only are both of them really fun to watch but they go all in on the bromance but play it absolutely straight, that is, they don't wink to the camera at the homo-erotic undertones present in every great buddy cop movie. So you get some slapstick, some cultural critique, and a lovely depiction of a friendship! Perfect Filmi Girl film!

Even better, in 22 Jump Street was the appearance of Workaholics comedienne Jillian Bell in a hilarious and very non-stereotypical role.

I also got a chance to watch Avan Ivan and should hopefully have a review of that coming very soon… as soon as I can digest it. What a fascinating film. Hilarious, for sure, but also… very Bala-esque and hard to pin down. Maybe I should watch it again… definitely I should watch it again, if only to enjoy Vishal's wonderful performance as the thief who prefers women's clothes. He really was fantastic, wasn't he?

And apologies if people aren't interested in Group Sounds movies but a Filmi Girl has to do what a Filmi Girl has to do and right now she's deep in the Group Sounds weeds. I've got seven more films to go so just prepare yourself for more in-depth talk of space groupies, Beatle boots, and debate on the finer points of 1960s dream boats. I mean, "Who is cuter: Pi or Julie?" is a question for the ages.

Anyways… back to Bombay. So, I guess Ek Villain did alright? I'm kind of interested in that one for Riteish, who I adore, but not enough to actively seek it out. I really do like Sid but he's definitely on the John-Abraham-Model-Spectrum of acting. The usual suspects have been predictably nitpicky on the "remake" front which on the one hand (let me get on my soapbox for a second) isn't really fair because most people watching Ek Villain won't have seen the Korean film I Saw the Devil that it's based on and therefore won't be holding up every scene for a comparison with the original but on the other hand it may be that the borrowed material wasn't well incorporated with the traditional masala-romance elements, which is something that is fair game for critique. Ghajini is an example of how to do it right; we've all seen a billion examples on how to do it wrong.

AND THEN, oh, and then, there is this: Karan Johar bought the rights to The Fault in our Stars. Talk about the potential for remake disaster/remake nirvana. Will it be a Stepmom-style debacle or a sublime piece of masala melodrama?!

(Re: Bobby Jasoos, to which the response has been an almost universal: "Meh." I had the same reaction and didn't even need to go to the theater to see it! Great job, trailer! Accurate advertising!)

How about a song to kick off the week?!

Sunny Leone's "Pink Lips" is what Priyanka Chopra has been aiming for and missing in her "international" songs… a simple, catchy club tune with a video that hits the overlap on the Venn Diagram between "sexy" and "trashy." And most importantly, Sunny looks like she's having a lot of fun--the key for me in any "sexy" song picturization. If the item girl doesn't look like she's having fun, how can we enjoy it, too?

So… go, Sunny! *whistle whistle* She's really been putting in the work to learn lip-syncing and coordinated movements (I won't quite call it dancing yet.) I think my favorite part is the mustache guy all up in Sunny's crotch, as if we aren't all 100% aware of what "pink lips" she's singing about.


Moimeme said...

I must be extremely dense then, because I honestly wasn't aware of "what kind" of pink lips Sunny was talking about -- I thought they were the usual kind.

Now the song's been ruined for me. :(

Kimberly Tully said...
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Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

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