Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Is it Akshaye Khanna time?!

I'm sorry, friends. I'm still working on my Kick write-up. I know by the time I post it nobody will care but… it's still very busy at work at the moment. No rest for the wicked, eh?

Anyways, I stumbled over this gem today about Akshaye Khanna "reworking" the script for Bombay Samurai and then I was confused because a) I hadn't realized Akshaye had any films "in his kitty" and b) I'd thought my Bebo-starrer was stalled thanks to Farhan (THAT GUY RUINS EVERYTHING) but the resulting mental film I created for myself--in which Bebo is a Bombay Samurai and has to fight off the heavy-browed and evil Akshaye's henchman before ramming him through with a sword--pleased me muchly. The actual film probably won't be that cool, unfortunately, and will feature MUCH MORE of Farhan's self-serious "acting" than I really want or need.

But Akshaye. Oh, Akshaye. He was a terrible hero but I rather enjoyed his super star turn in Tees Maar Khan. I could FULLY support a ridiculous over-the-top character actor Akshaye.

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Emily said...

Oh, I've always had a soft spot for Akshaye Khanna! Maybe it's because Dil Chahta Hai was my first Bollywood movie, so I knew he was capable of better than what he did in pretty much every other movie. :-P

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