Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Another Wednesday, another weekend coming...

Have the summer blues gotten to you? Too hot? Too much rain? Or just too much junk at the theater?

I have to tell you… I've been getting A LOT of e-mails and messages from PR people recently looking to "provide good quality content" for me for no charge. Oh, how thoughtful. Seriously? What about this blog looks like I'm dying to copy-paste articles about how Ajay Devgn stubbed his toe and let me tell you about that NEW KAPOOR KID.

Just in case you didn't know already, I do NOT accept any money or perks or ANYTHING for writing. I pay for things legally where I can, although I am occasionally given screeners of films. Honestly, though, the screeners tend to make me more critical since it feels like an assignment instead of enjoyment.

Anyways, I'm still hung up on "Pink Lips!" It's so catchy!! And filthy but in a fun way!! I still can't get over some of those dance moves… how did they get away with this?! A big hat tip to the Hate Story 2 team for this one.

Nothing too much of interest today, it seems. The outlets are mostly spinning their wheels about the Shahrukh Khan Tabloid Variety Show and some stuff I didn't even bother clicking into to read. Although I will be interested to hear how both the Jiah Khan murder investigation (may she rest in peace someday) and the Preity Zinta cases out. It is nice to see her back and smiling with Raj & DK for Happy Ending. Raj & DK!

How about this Shradda Kapoor thing, though? I actually haven't seen her act so I can't judge one way or the other but I will say that thankfully Ophelia's role is kind of an annoying bitch so even if she's terrible it should work just fine. Shradda has to be pretty confident in her own talents to pick a fight with the paps. This is from last week but they were "boycotting" her because she wouldn't pose for pictures. Now, I'm the last person to support the party-picture-link-up-stream-of-pr-releases Bollywood press but I also know that at least 75% of casting choices seem to be done based on what will sell magazines and ads rather than talent. If Shradda feels that she's on par with Tabu then good for her but if it turns out she's not then it's on her own head when producers stop calling because she's not generating publicity for their films and that is the reason she was hired--not acting talent.

I like Parineeti and Alia and Varun but the models and the BORING, BORING, BORING pack of generic rich boy bro-dudes are enough to make me turn off a trailer one minute in, Aditya Roy Kapur, I'm looking at you or ruin an otherwise quality cast with his dead eyes, Arjun Kapoor. Heaven save me from generic rich boy bro-dudes… I see enough of them everyday here in Washington, DC.

The thing with a actor and actress with both charisma and and a drive to work hard is that they can turn a otherwise uninspired song picturization into something fun to watch.


odadune said...
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odadune said...

Forgot to say, I agree with you on Aditya in Daawat-E-Ishq. Kindly go to hell, Mr. Quirky Hipster Playing at Being Rustic.

eliza bennet said...

It is interesting that you like Riteish that much since he is just the type of rich dude who is in the film industry only due to his dad's political power.

odadune said...

Deleted a couple of my recent comments because I felt like I was coming off as too much of a Debbie Downer, but wanted to thank you again for staying independent and keeping this blog going, FG. :)

Thelondongirl said...

Alia Bhatt though at times 10 % engaging, that for me, is just surounded by 90% "you're so annoying i want to punch the screen" persona that i just cant. Im gonna need her to take at least two seats and brush up on her acting skills, right next to Katrina. However,in a few years she is going to be stellar.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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