Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The difference an actor can make...

I'm still catching up on what's happening so I'm sure everybody has seen these two trailers but I thought it was worth sharing them here because they are both films that I would have no interest in if it wasn't for the lead actresses: Vidya Balan and Alia Bhatt.

Perhaps not everybody agrees with me but I do think there is an intangible and unique quality to every actor or actress, something that transcends script or story or character. Vidya Balan always seems to shine with intelligence and compassion, whether she's playing "heroine" or is in an author-backed role. It makes me want to watch whatever it is she's doing, even a dippy detective film with what I can already tell is an ill-advised romance subplot. (Can't a lady just be a detective in dumb disguises without some dude macking on her?!)

The Alia Bhatt-Varun Sharma film is another example of a genre I have less-than-zero interest in but I do like both the leads and I like their chemistry together and, much like R… Rajkumar, their performances will probably be enough to carry me through whatever dumb rom-com plotting is involved in Humpty Sharma.

This is what annoys me when the New Bollywood types get all uppity about how the Script Is King. Yes, story is important. Obviously a good story and good pacing and good dialogues are important. But so are the actors, the people involved. Heroines aren't interchangeable, no matter how underwritten the role. Two equally competent heroes can make the exact same line of dialogue, delivered with the same emotion, in the same scene but it will be two different films. That's why the inter-industry remakes can be so fascinating. Aamir Khan and Suriya, two phenomenal heroes, two very different films.

Anyways, I'm still upset that I won't get to see Holiday this weekend but hopefully soon. I was thinking about this in relation to that film, too. As much as I like Vijay--and, really, I do like Vijay quite a bit--I have a feeling Akshay in his epic, older man bossness will be able to handle the role much more to my liking.

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odadune said...

I have to say, what I like about Bollywood up til about the start of the 00s was that they were good at finding and showcasing actual stars, people who were and are immensely compelling to watch. I'm someone who chases stars rather than directors in my entertainment, so this is A Good Thing imo. Not sure Ranveer and the ladies will be enough to hold my interest when the 90s veterans finally hang up their spurs.

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