Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kick: Too much fun.

Happy Father's Day, to all the Papas out there! I don't have much to say on that topic except I love my own papa very much. ♥

But! You guys, so I was linked to two very awesome things this morning.

The first was this song from Guyanese artist Blood Orange.

And the second was…


So, I think we should have a big Kick viewing party in New York! I haven't been this jazzed for a Bollywood film in a while. Maybe since Dhoom 3?

I've watched it about ten times already and I can't quite decide my favorite part. Nawaz and Salman dancing a waltz? Jackie in smart glasses? The way that golden confetti reflects in Salman's shades? THERE IS SO MUCH TO LOVE HERE!

Let's get… KICK-I-FIED! *BOOM*


odadune said...

The jailhouse scenes and some of the stuff that looks like song picturizations didn't do much for me, but Salman getting in touch with his inner Danger Diabolik looks like fun, and bravo on the action scenes! Loved the gold confetti scene, very cool.

odadune said...
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Kimberly Tully said...

I'm really excited to see Salman with another actress who physically and (age-wise) pairs well with him. Sonakshi was borderline fine, Katrina was better, but I think Jacqueline will be the best chemistry match we've seen yet. Just a little prediction!

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