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Hello, June! Here are some Hindi films I'm looking forward to for the rest of 2014!

Good morning, June!

Thank you so much for all the nice comments on my previous post!! It really means a lot to me. I'm still in the process of figuring out how I'd like to continue and on what schedule (and with what films) but I'll be honest with you… I'VE MISSED THIS! Breaking a five year (or more) habit of daily writing is much harder than I thought it would be, even with a pile of new responsibilities.

But I've scouted this site called Desi Company that seems to be a Netflix for Indian movies. Has anybody dealt with them? I just sent an e-mail asking if there was any way to tell which (if any) DVDs had subtitles.

In the meantime, I thought I would ease into things with some films that I am looking forward to! The second half of the viewing year is always so much better than the first, these days. Remember the ending *pow* of last year with Dhoom 3, Krrish 3, Ram Leela?! 


Who I care about: AKSHAY KUMAR and Sona.

What makes me nervous: I had very mixed feeling about the film this was based on.

Why I'll probably watch: I can't resist Akshay and Sona. I just can't! Plus, Sona as a boxer? I mean, come on! I'm not missing that. And I'm hoping against hope that the problems I had with the original will have been fixed in this version. I'm just sad that my local theater closed before this came out...


Who I care about: Salman, Jackie, Nawaz

What makes me nervous: Um… nothing? Sajid Nadiawala, maybe.

Why I'll probably watch: SALMAN KHAN, obviously!

It's Entertainment

*requires no explanation*

*It's Entertainment*

Singham Returns

Who I care about: Kareena Kapoor

What makes me nervous: Everything else

Why I'll probably watch it: "Bebo main Bebo. Dil mera lelo…" Plus, there are bound to a handful of good scenes courtesy Rohit Shetty. At the least.

Bang Bang

Who I care about: Hrithik and Kat, Sujoy Ghosh

What makes me nervous: Fox Star Studios and Siddharth Anand combined seem to spell out that this will be an ON PAR WITH HOLLYWOOD movie that will employ crappy use of songs, underbaked emotion, and too much focus on "production values" and "action set pieces" instead of story, characters, and emotion.

Why I'll probably watch it: Even with all that noise, I love Hrithik Roshan as an actor and I trust Sujoy Ghosh--who wikipedia has credited with the script--to at least provide the skeleton of a story I can latch on to. Plus, you know, Kat.


Who I care about: Shahid Kapoor. Full stop. (Well, and Tabu.)

What makes me nervous: Irrfan, Vishal Bhardwaj, basically the entire concept of a "remake" of Hamlet. It is really, really easy to make the wrong kind of Hamlet. I love Hamlet. I went to London to see David Tennant as Hamlet (Patrick Stewart was Claudius).

Why I'll probably watch it: LIKE I COULD NOT WATCH SASHA! #Shanatic4Lyfe Plus, you know Shahid doing the promotions is going to be epic. Although what would really make my year is either an Irrfan/Shahid feud or Irrfan giving an epically butthurt interview about the film.

Action Jackson

Who I care about: Sonakshi Sinha, Sonu Sood, Prabhudeva

What makes me nervous: Ajay Devgn, the dippy Ajay Devgn required starlets, and the whole South remake thing in which yet another film will be stripped of context and "masala fun-timed"

Why I'll probably watch it: Even at his most mediocre, a Prabhudeva film guarantees a pile of fun song picturizations. That plus SONA! ♥ And Kunal Roy Kapur as comedian?? I'm curious to see how this will work.

Kill Dil

Who I care about: RANVEER SINGH, Ali Zaffar, Rani Mukerji, Govinda

What makes me nervous: Fucking Yash Raj can turn the best idea and the best cast into garbage. Also, I've found Shaad Ali too… ironical of a filmmaker in the past.

Why I'll probably see it: RANVEER CHI CHI UNITED ON SCREEN. You can't keep me away from this duo.


Who I care about: Aamir Khan, Rajkumar Hirani

What makes me nervous: Anushka Sharma, the whole college aspect

Why I'll probably see it: I know I harp on the middlebrow films a lot but, honestly, if a film is good, then it's good. And Rajkumar Hirani makes good middlebrow films! I trust that whatever he and Aamir put out will be worth watching.


odadune said...

Random thoughts:

Holiday: I will be throwing myself on this particular grenade next weekend, barring complications. :) Zomgosh, so much in love with the Shaayraana and Blame the Night picturizations-been waiting for Akshay to do stuff like this for most of the six years he's been on my radar.

Humshakals: trailer didn't wow me but some of the song videos have been cute, and Saif has been very charming in them.

Kick: premise doesn't interest me, but it sounds like the kind of thing Salman would do well with-I like his beard in the stills that leaked out.

It's Entertainment: love the premise, not wild about Akshay being a horse's butt to the dog, but maybe they'll sort out their differences early on in the plot. Tamannaah seems more in her element here than in Humshakals.

Singham Returns: lost interest when they announced it would have no songs or picturizations. Rooting for Bebo though.

Action Jackson: like R...Rajkumar I believe this is in the style of the SI masalas rather than a direct remake. Curious about Ajay's dual role and whether PD can make him useful in a song picturization.

Bang Bang: thought it had been delayed to next year? Anyway can't think of anyone I'd rather see in an espionage-adventure-romance than those two. also: Bipasha's in it.

Haider: Hamlet's like Dracula for me, I just like seeing people try variations on it regardless of whether they actually work, plus it's a good cast.

PK: college hijinks and religious commentary are usually enough to make me run for the hills. Rooting for Anushka.

Kill Dil: rooting for the cast but wishing Parineeti would run far, far away from the bodyshaming twits at Yash Raj. Look at Anushka, honey. all those insecurities and embarrassments are you in a couple years if you don't stay strong.

Jess said...

Nice lists! Odadune makes some good points too.

I will see Humshakals if its on par with Housefull 2, I enjoyed that one.

I'm nervous about Kick, everyone involved = You-will-enjoy-this, but I couldn't STAND the plot of the original. It gave me a massive headache so we'll see.

All Ajay's movies are only possible dvd views for me, can't take his masala hero stuff. I was going to make an exception for Singham 2, but I had no idea Singham 2 had no songs!
Sorry Bebo, but I may have to wait for the dvd...though Rohit Shetty's songs have always been weak spots for me.

I would also add Bobby Jasoos because Vidya looks super cute and the crazy diguises seem worth it alone.

I'll probably see Dawaat e Ishq because I have a massive crush on Aditya! (Though I know you don't like him filmigirl)

Bang Bang of course, because it sounds like it could be my favorite movie ever.

Kill Dil is a given as well as PK just for who is involved, and I don't have any clues about the plots for these.

odadune said...

Jess: agreed on Bobby Jasoos, that looked really fun...which is something I really could stand to see more of Vidya doing. :)

On Singham Returns, I *think* they ditched the "songs and item numbers" because they were on a very tight schedule-they only started filming this past April or something, with the Independence Day weekend already locked? With neither Rohit nor Ajay being that into the naach-gaana maybe they decided it was not the most productive use of their time. They've also claimed this is a relatively serious story, so there is that.

Moimeme said...

Welcome back to blogging!

On Singham 2, are you not bothered that the heroine has completely changed, though in the first one, the hero & heroine were actually married, not just in a relationship? I guess your love for Rohit Shetty trumps all. :)

On Bang Bang, are you not aware that this is an "official remake" of a Hollywood film? So you can't really complain about it being "on par with Hollywood."

Unlike for you, 3 Idiots actually degraded my opinion of both Hirani and Aamir drastically, so I'm not looking forward to PK at all.

Anyway, great to have you back! This kind of post (without much "news" as such) is just fine with me.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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