Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy World Cup 2014!!

What better way to celebrate the Brazil 2014 World Cup than with everybody's favorite Brazil-set movie?!

Brazil v. Croatia today at 4pm, y'all!!

I know things are kind of shit in Brazil at the moment, but I really do hope the event gets taken away from Qatar. I'm not sure how much got reported in the Indian media but the horrific conditions of the labor camps finally cracked through to Americans, even if most of the "scandal" reported here focuses on bribery and not, you know, the cost in human life. I was shocked at how shocked people were at what was going on and then I realized not everybody has been tracking films like Champ of the Camp.

Anyways, as long as I've got Uday Chopra in everybody's face, this turd of a story caught my attention:

"I feel films like 'Grace of Monaco' do not really create a buzz in India. Our audience prefer superhero films or Oscar nominated films. Since we have the resources, we are trying to release the film in more than 70 screens (in India)," Uday told PTI.

He goes on to fanboy over Nicole Kidman and bitch about how the critics at Cannes didn't understand his "fairytale" story, which was apparently not just mediocre but so horrifically bad that it sent critics into a one-upping review frenzy:

The Hollywood Reporter's Stephen Dalton sides with Foundas: "Is it even possible to make a boring film out of this rich, juicy, gossipy material?" he asks. "It would seem so. Indeed, it is almost perversely impressive how Dahan misses almost every target."

Jeez, I wonder why films like this just don't create a buzz in India? It can't be the quality of the film, so obviously it's the entire subcontinent's preference for superhero fantasy instead of rich, white people fantasy. Obviously.

I do have to marvel at Uday keeping his juvenile naivety intact. Even at 40+, he comes across as a guy waiting for Princess Charming to step out of a limo and fix all of his problems. Whether it's Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly or Priyanka Chopra in Pyaar Impossible. Nargis had better start preparing her lines for that remake of Sabrina I can only assume Uday is filming in his bedroom.

And as a bonus turdlet, the media is reporting on Hack director Brett Ratner naming Shahrukh Khan as one of his favorite actors. Seriously, who gives a fuck? How soon the media forgets things like the folly of Kites: The Remix… we're supposed to take the opinion of that guy seriously? REALLY?


But, Shahid in an Abhishek Chaubey film and NO PRIYANKA CHOPRA! So, I supple there is some good in the world today.

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