Monday, June 23, 2014

Come on summer!

Good morning, friends!! If you are like me and need something to shake off those air-conditioning blues, I highly recommend checking out Andrew Sandoval's Come to the Sunshine podcast. He spins classic pop from the 1960s and early 70s and it's just fabulous. The newest episode features Tommy Roe but the one I've had on repeat is the episode just before which is dedicated to summer time! It makes shivering through the work day a little more bearable if I can step outside into the humid Washington, DC summer and put on the sweet sounds of Lesley Gore and little Keith Green.

I actually had a really restful and relaxing weekend. And watched a couple of great films, that I will hopefully have reviews for, especially the fantastic Lucia.

Restful and relaxing weekend means, that I did not watch Humshakals but I suppose I'm not all that surprised that it seems to have done okay at the box office. While I care a lot about the quality of my dick jokes, there will always be a healthy segment of the film going population who just needs an excuse to get out of the house and sit and have a good time in a dark, air conditioned theater for a few hours with their buddies. In America, they can go see whatever dreck Adam Sandler is putting out these days and in India there's Humshakals and Grand Masti. Sometimes our taste in films overlaps and sometimes it doesn't.

One of the things that annoys people (okay, me) about critics is that they don't respect this desire to sit and relax with Paul Blart: Mall Cop or Double Dhamaal. If every dumb comedy that comes out is rated zero stars with snarky reviews, what makes opinions on Humshakals any different? I'd like to enjoy all the terrible reviews of the film--Raja Sen is particularly brutal--but it's hard when most of them start out trashing all of Sajid Khan's previous work. Seriously, Himmatwala wasn't the worst film ever made. Was it misguided? Yes. Was it unnecessary? Yes. But it wasn't terrible. If given the choice to watch either film over, I'd pick Himmatwala every time over The Lunchbox.

Who do I cheer for? I'm usually with the slobs against the snobs but when both sides are equally awful… I suppose I'm on the side of the audience. And hoping Sajid Khan worked out his anger on this film and will go back to giving us something more light-hearted and Housefull 2-ish in his next film.

(And this is one of my biggest pet peeves but, seriously, journos, it's "crying all the way to the bank." CRYING.)

In other news, the film I'm dying to see, Holiday, had a new mass song added!

*whistle whistle*


Which leads to the important question--where is the Govdina/Akshay buddy cop comedy that we I have asking for? Maybe Govinda is a local beat cop and Akshay is some tough bureau guy and they have to work together to catch a really sexy lady master-of-disguise criminal who keeps outwitting them? Yes/Yes?

I think I put this on FB but it's worth watching again for Jackie Fernandez in her Tina Fey smart glasses. The lady can jiggle!


Bonus! Trailer for Karthi's Madras:

It looks good! Karthi isn't the greatest actor on Earth but he does have a certain… warm likability that makes him nice to watch on screen. Good luck, Karthi!


odadune said...

Yeah, I don't always like broad Bollywood comedies (and distinctly remember fuming as a teenager/young adult whenever I was dragged to the latest Jim Carrey/Tim Allen film) but I don't really understand the vehement root-and-branch hostility of the Indian elites to the genre. It can't be about the sexism, because Rohit Shetty (who actually has women doing stuff), Anees Bazmee (who at least realizes that women have opinions) and Sajid Khan (Male Chauvinist of the Year, every year that a Kapoor doesn't take it away from him) aren't all the same thing in that regard.

And it shouldn't be "these people are making us look bad in front of other countries" because everybody in the world makes films like this with their own individual flair (heck, that guy who won the Best Actor Oscar for L'Artiste a couple years back primarily makes a living starring in spy movie parodies). If you want to talk about being "on par with Hollywood" the Housefull movies are probably as good as anything America's done in that vein recently.

Filmi Girl said...

I agree…

It's like they need a distance of 50 years or 5000 miles to appreciate broad comedy. i.e. it's totally okay if Kishore Kumar and Raj Kapoor clown and Adam Sandler around but heaven forbid Govinda or Akshay Kumar do it.

LoveSuhana said...

I am completely sold on the Akshay Kumar/Chi Chi buddy cop movie. If I only had the cash to produce it :)
So glad you are back to blogging! yaay

Jess said...

I will never understand why reviewers can't critique a film based on what it's TRYING to do or be, as opposed to "Is this the best film ever made?"
Humshakals wasn't amazing but it was funny, and the audience I was with really liked it. There were three auntys at the end of my row that laughed at every other line.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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